Flappy is a toy-controlled game of Flappy Bird that you can throw in frustration

"Flappy Bird is no longer just a two-dimensional sprite. It’s now a plush toy that you can use to play the hit mobile game that disappeared from app stores last month.

ZowPow, the winner of GamesBeat 2013′s Who’s Got Game competition last October, is starting a crowdfunding project to get its own version of Dong Nguyen’s mobile hit Flappy Bird on iOS and Android devices. In ZowPow’s game (the app itself is free), Flappy Toy, players lift up a wireless, battery-powered plush replica of Flappy Bird’s main character to control him onscreen."

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NagaSotuva1415d ago

My phone would appreciate this.

Summons751415d ago

How is this getting approved? The app was taken down and the creator shown he is an A** and it's not even a game.

Cutter201414d ago

I like the .gif that's included with the article...

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