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TG writes: Cartman, Kenny and the gang have returned once more to a video game platform near you. Should you head on down to South Park or is it better to just let them kill Kenny off for good?

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ftwrthtx1595d ago

Who would have thought that South Park would make a great RPG?

BattleTorn1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Not me!! I barely expected that I'd like a South Park themed game, cause I find the humour best in small doses.

This is the first game in a long while that has me wanting to rave about it, and shout "10 out of 10" over and over again!

Kinda like the teacher in The Christmas Story... I give this game a "A+ + + + + +..."

yog-sothot1595d ago

Being a fan of both SP and Obsidian, I was a bit afraid that the mix would not live up to my expectations, but the game is everything I wanted !

Well done, Obsidian !

ftwrthtx1595d ago

Just wish the story was longer.

Agent_00_Revan1595d ago

One you get past the opening missions the humor just Explodes! The first mission with the Underpants Gnomes, Canada, the Clinic!

Oh my god, this game is fantastic and hilarious!