Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter Not Working – Easy Fix

Hal of Gamer Attitude is back with an easy fix for those with problematic Xbox One Stereo Headsets Adapters.

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SITH1658d ago

How do people not know this. As soon as you plug in the adapter, the Xbox informs you an update is needed for it.

Wikkid6661658d ago

There is also a green sticker on it... that says you need to update the controller.

UltraAtomic1658d ago

really!?!? wow this is pointless

Kiwi661658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

but there are some people who would rather say that the product is faulty besides most people who have an xb1 should know about the update by now plus there has been plenty of articles about it

Rocky51658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Some people are ignorant. When you buy the device it has a sticker on it, right next to the audio jack input stating it needs a software uodate :-/

Also like Sith stated the system will prompt you to update the pad.

What I think people are not doing is attaching the headset first before updating. (Required) since the headset adapter won't turn on unless one is connected. (Guess that's so it doesn't drain the battery, when a headset is not connected)

Makakal1658d ago

anyone else having issues with older "compatible" headsets? My buddies are telling me they can barely understand me and it always sounds like the other person is talking through the kinect when they aren't.....

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