Fable Legends Q&A; customization, questing and post release support.

DBTHGaming says "The team from Xbox Upload went to lionhead Studio's, bringing the community's burning Fable Legends questions with them! When asked about whether there is anyway to leave a village, lionhead responded by saying the game mechanic is more similar to fable 1 in that it is a more guided experience, how you travel is planned by what quest you take."

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AngelicIceDiamond1618d ago

Surprised they're talking about this game already.

Great vid.

I really hope this game releases this year.

christocolus1618d ago

Is it scheduled for release this year? They also working on another ip. Need to know more about that.

Convas1617d ago

If NTKRNL's leaks are to be believed (and they've been right so far), Fable Legends will hit Summer 2015.

Agent20091617d ago

You're surprised they're talking about this game already, yet you hope it releases this year. What a... I don't even.

Not a chance for a 2014 release.