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theXtReMe11654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Looks better. Ive watched the trailer and almost every previous gameplay video I could find and think those who thought it was just different lighting were correct in the instance of the car jumping over the bridge. If you check out some of the gameplay videos on Youtube or anywhere else, you can see instances of the car looking cel shaded and without reflections in different lighting situations.

I was on the fence about the downgrade issue and while I still think there was a downgrade from the 2012 video, I am thinking it looks on point with the 2013 Jimmy Fallon video. You can see in the last trailer, that depending on lighting, things could look very different. Something even seen in the developer walkthrough where the player gets hacked. The ground textures in the daylight were about the same, though again... Lighting conditions werent exact. I still see eveything animating well, including trees blowing and debris skirting the ground. Textures are about the same.

While I dont agree with the overly bleached look of the noontime lighting we saw in the trailer, as it gives everything a washed out, low res look... I think we will see just as many instances of better lighting situations where things look incredible. This 'sharing' video looks good, though it is highly stylized for greater dramatic effect. It's using in game assets and shows better lighting.

The entire truth probably wont be known until post launch, but after extensive research Ive come to the conclusion that things arent half as bad as I originally ought they were. I just think the lighting plays a huge part in the look of this game. It can take things from incredibly beautiful to questionably sparse in a matter of minutes.

I will still keep an eye on this as the story develops. I think that Ubisoft does need to be transparent about any changes that took place from the Jimmy Fallon video til now. Just to be honest with the gaming public and show they are more than just a cold corporate entity. Hopefully I am right about this and everybody can enjoy the game for what it is and not what Ubisoft originally made it out to be. The premise seems cool, hopefully the gameplay will be everything they promised and not some water downed version of what once was, to create some sort of parity between last gen and this.

mcarsehat1654d ago

It's funny, the only footage that has a change of norm is the e3 21013 on, the rest after were the same as the e3 2013 so people didn't take it as a bad thing, one trailer without the sun's glare or night time rain and people go crazy.

can't wait

theXtReMe11654d ago

Well, I think a lot of people relied on this game to be their next gen push. Which is why everybody had so much feeling for it. This was touted as the first true next gen game and people were afraid that it wasn't going to live up to the original hype. I can feel for them, because this is the game that truly made me buy a next-generation system. I was on the edge of my seat when that trailer released, myself.

Now, it's really up to the gameplay to prove itself. It is very intricate and I think that intricacy could lead to issues with repetition. I just hope Ubisoft fully studied up on the subject and gives us enough material to explore. Like any open world game, it's going to come down to the content and how much of it there is, before it starts repeating itself. Hopefully they will think of new stuff along the way and add it later as DLC. That will definitely keep the game from getting stale.

I can't wait to see a new gameplay video. May can't come fast enough.

rocky0475861654d ago

Very well said sir. I applaud you. People take one GIF and turn it into something huge. There are no other scene for scene shots that dictate that there has been a significant hit on the graphics of this game.

GraveLord1654d ago

Game looks great. Nothing revolutionary, but will be a great addition to my PS4 collection.

If you are complaining about the downgrade yet you are hyping Titanfall like the next coming of sir a hypocrite.

GundalfDeGrej1654d ago

Weeell titanfall wasn't really hyped for the graphics to begin with. When watch dogs was first shown it seemed to have next-gen written all over it.

Like you said, it does seem like a game worth buying even if the graphics aren't the best out there. I'm still not sure if I'll buy it for pc or my ps4 but I'm sure it will look decent enough regardless.

Baka-akaB1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

When WD was first shown , it looked exactly like it was , a pc feed or pc target rendering The we learned it would be a cross gen multiplatform game like Ac4 , so probably lower than that but still looking good on next gen and pc .

At least that's how i felt on the situation

Meltic1654d ago

Why the hates? looks really good.

1nsomniac1654d ago

Mainly because it no longer looks any better than GTA V & they're charging an extra £15 for it because it holds the next-gen label on it!

Meltic1654d ago

How can you compare Watch dogs and gta v ?. Isnt the same game. Doesen't run with the same physix's. Not the same developers. Nothing is same. Meaby with the cars and steal cars meaby, but did gta v have skill tree , hacking?. Nope.

1nsomniac1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

..Oh dear... I'll leave that statement with you & let you think it over & you can come back to it later if you would like to edit it??

spaceg0st1654d ago

Agreed. Pretty much looks on par with gta5 on Xbox 360. Seriously. If it wowed like 'infamous' or 'the division', then it would feel next gen.

maniacmayhem1654d ago

I said it before and I'll say it again. I hate these ironic songs playing happy go lucky music while action, explosions and gun fights are taken place on screen. It worked the first time but now it's getting corny.

It screams "look how hip and funny we are." It's not clever anymore and it comes off super lame and boring. It actually makes these games and the "sharing" feature Sony is trying to put out as cheese.

These video game companies need to stop with this ABC, first day of marketing school technique and actually try and put something out there clever.

Castle3331654d ago

i agree, this hipster music is really annoying, but judging by all the dislikes hipster disagree with you.

dcj05241654d ago

It shows that sharing is caring (:

BattleTorn1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

You know with Ubisoft saying they were "frightened" by the backlash of the latest Story trailer, one would think they would release a much more impressive trailer quickly. would think... (edit: footage looked good)

1nsomniac1654d ago

...I concur, any sane man would do the same.

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