BF4 Lag- It’s Fixable. Find Out How

All gamers who encountered problems of the lag of BattleField 4 will be happy to know that we found a tutorial video which will resolve this annoying problem.

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numNuts1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Thats impossible, everyone gets lag. its s laggy game because of shitty ea's servers. ive lost count of how may times i kill someone and die at the same time. although lag is the least of bf4's problem. The whole game is broken to its core imo.

SpitFireAce851595d ago

Right on the game is broken and every time
Dice does a update they break more stuff then they

Detoxx1594d ago

You serious?

I'll repeat myself again.. I DONT lag, I'll make a video if you dont believe me.

ObiWanaTokie1594d ago

seriously though, they just cant fix this broken shame. the game can play fine maybe 20% of the time playing it. the rest is a whole broken mess of bullshit.

i mean now normal mode is hardcormal mode. i dont even have kill cams 90% of the time or when i do its getting killed by a sniper rifle but the game following a support class for some reason.

if playing with a buddy wasnt as enjoyable as it is i would have dropped this game so fast. having a squad saved this game. then at least it breaks in your face TOGETHER

2v11594d ago

you are right , thats why i dont have any lag.[after i trade that pos game]

ObiWanaTokie1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

plus who plays on 360 anymore? lol get with the times

Edit: bf4 i mean, i will probably pick up titanfall for the ol dusty machine

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sAVAge_bEaST1594d ago


If you never had Rubber banding Issues,,. You never played BF4.. - On Any System.

Detoxx1594d ago

I have only played BF4 on my PS4, more then 200 hours.

I only get rubber banding once in a week.

ObiWanaTokie1594d ago

well then dude dont defend the game. it COULD be a fantastic kick in the pants but EA royally fisted this game and gave it a goatse (thank you N4G for teaching me that)

if they had more development time "lag" (rubberbanding, network failure, sudden crashes, net code registry, suppression effect (which i dont ever know if anyone will quite get it)would all be a completely fixed and working EVERY time

koolaid2511594d ago

I have a ps4 and I rubberband and lag and I have 100mb internet service through comcast thats hard wired straight to the modem and still lag from time to time especially playing 64 player conquest and capture the flag.

Battlefieldlover1594d ago

I can't wait to see that video. Add me Grandclover,PS4. Hell I'll record too. The game can be and IS a laggy mess. Saying otherwise is a complete lie. Unless we are supposed to believe only you can play lag free...smfh

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Wikkid6661595d ago

Clearing the system cache will have the same exact results with less leg work.

SWayne1595d ago

Nice video which should clear up some of the hiccups/lagging from this game.

numNuts1594d ago

@spitfireAce85 I blame it on them releasing on 5 platforms, and rushing it to be out in time for X1/ps4 release. Also EA are the shittiest company in gaming.

numNuts1594d ago

@Detox First you say never any lag, then you say you experience rubber banding issues once a week. its impossible for you to never of had lag. IMPOSSIBLE!

Detoxx1594d ago

You guys talk like you rubber band every day, I only get it once a week and that's absolutely normal.

Pudge881594d ago

im still getting killed with no kill cam and Lag up the a** every day i play BF4. as a supporter since BF BC1, i will never buy an EA game at launch and hurt them with my wallet.

Battlefieldlover1594d ago

Normal? Do you even battlefield bro? No, the answer is no you don't.

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