Naughty Dog & Others Support the Troops With Video Games

Game industry frontrunner, Naughty Dog, as well as others, Wargaming America , Machinima’s Rooster Teeth and ASTRO Gaming will join gamers May 17-18, to help raise funds for the military-focused video game charity Operation Supply Drop.

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psman0121348d ago

I'm really happy to hear that game developers are supporting the troops. not enough people do it nowadays.

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Alex_Boro1348d ago

If one person puts a disagree on the comment above, you have no damn heart.

for we are many1348d ago

@ we are legion: Are you really that naive. I thought only your Video game comments are somewhat misinformed, but this?? how gullible can one be in this country???

Please ignore all the above in case you were being sarcastic.

@NewAgeisHere: Thank you for your honesty!

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IRapeLolis1348d ago

Everything I write is off topic or offensive... Bullshit site.

MegaRay1348d ago

Report off-topic..... wait do you know how to report "you" lol