Top 5 Favorite Kart Racers Ever

Eldar Basic, GIZORAMA - "Kart Racers. Mascot Racers. Everyone’s played one, and everyone has a favorite character in one. I will never forget growing up on Mario Kart and making my dad play me on Rainbow Road, 150cc, just so I could beat him and show him who’s boss. I always picked Luigi. He always picked Bowser, knowing full well how much I hated Bowser. Even recently, I found myself playing Mario Kart (Nintendo 64, duh) with a group of friends, yelling at the TV like it’s the final match at EVO. Kart Racers will always hold a special place in my coming of age quest as a gamer, and I’d like to share with you my personal top five Mascot Racers. Get ready for a heaping helping of nostalgia."

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-Foxtrot1595d ago

"Crash Tag Team Racing" racing?

You mean Crash Team Racing...Tag Team Racing was pretty bad.

WillGuitarGuy1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Crash Tag Team Racing wasn't horrible when it came to the racing. The free roam-ish aspect of the game is what made it kind of blah. I spent several weeks playing Crash Team Racing after school and I loved every second. CTR > CTTR

Geobros1593d ago

Mario Kart 64 will be always in top of racing games. His multiplayer was epic...