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From the review, "[Jenni Lada]'s first thought upon opening the Luigi’s Mansion Collectable Figurine was that it looked adorable inside of its protective plastic packing material. However, after I took it out, the initial impression turned sour. I understand that this a “free” reward, but it honestly pales in comparison to the 800 coin Game & Watch DS Collection game and 1,200 coin Game & Watch: Ball replica.

To start, the Luigi’s Mansion Collectable Figurine is very lightweight. The base is hollow and, in my case, wasn’t properly pieced together."

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1655d ago

It's not worth the free coins? oh wow?

admiralvic1655d ago

I've heard a lot of negative things about this statue, which is a shame. I think Nintendo made a big mistake pricing it that high, since it was obviously priced so to get coins out of the system, but in doing so, they also created increased expectations. Going off what I've heard of the statue, it probably would have been better priced at 500 - 700 coins, since thats about where people view the quality of the figure.

In either case, it's a shame they went this route in the first place. Now if they offer another figure for as much (most likely more), they will have a lot of people questioning the quality before buying, instead of being excited to get an awesome collectible to display.

@ Kenshin_Batt0usai

Drop the implied entitlement crap.

There are people who might want to buy the figure second hand, know if its worth keeping or selling or any number of other things, so a review or opinion piece like this can be helpful.

Neonridr1655d ago

1500 coins takes forever to accumulate, so I would have to agree that it isn't worth that much. seeing as a Wii U or 3DS only nets you 160 points and the average game only nets you about 60 you can do the math at how many games you would have to purchase in order to achieve that level.

TomahawkX1654d ago

think about all those surveys you had to fill out to get that stupid thing lol.

Tidybrutes1654d ago

Just sell it on ebay, seen one last week go for like £85-90

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