PlayStation Store Preview – March 11th, 2014: Dark Souls, Broken Controllers

From PSLS:

This week is a rather lean and mean week. Lean, because there’s not a lot of content to go around (although PlayStation Plus more than makes up for that). And mean, because, well, there’s Dark Souls II, and that game is going to lead to lots of smashed PS3 controllers over the course of the next month.

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MightyNoX1620d ago

I'm still unable to come grips with the fact that Dark Souls II is coming. I'm not ready...

kingdom181620d ago

Are you prepared to die... again?

morganfell1620d ago

You mean die again, and again, and again, and again, and again....etc etc etc...

Definitely looking forward to the self-flagellation.

Grave1620d ago

Anybody know when/if preload will be available for Dark Souls II? All I can download now is a 3MB theme?

kingdom181620d ago

I'm hoping it will be available at midnight. I'll stay up late just for it.

NovusTerminus1620d ago

Can't wait for DS2, but does anyone know how big the download is?

NovusTerminus1620d ago

That won’t take long to Download, thanks!

Salooh1620d ago

Can't pre order in the store >.< ..

Oh_Yeah1620d ago

Ahhhh, have to wait a month for it on pc, and ps4 has no date in sight. Good luck guys.

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The story is too old to be commented.