How Dark Souls 2 and Titanfall Will Change Multiplayer Games

Despite their veritable mountain of differences, Dark Souls 2 and Titanfall both have one massive similarity; these two games are destined to change the way that the video game world looks at multiplayer experiences in the years to come.

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Orange Juice1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

"Titanfall also boasts weaponry that allows for players of a lower skill level to adapt and compete. The Smart Pistol in Titanfall is geared towards those who may not be the most talented when it comes to aiming and maneuvering throughout a FPS, allowing the player to quickly and efficiently lock on to targets while firing."

jeez. This is the awesome future of fps' s that people boast about? I really hope this trend doesnt take off, and NOT because of its release platforms but because I dont feel like I need to compete with my nephews in my competitive games. If this game emphasized reflex and aim skill then I would be singing a different tune but titanfall seems the opposite type of game. No wonder all the kids like it. Jeez.

Patrick_pk441659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

The Titanfall audience is the Call of Duty audience, full of children and casuals.

TheSaint1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

I have a bad feeling that this new gen is going to be largely a casual gen, on the latest Forza 3rd is as good as 1st.

DkS2 has early level enemies that are weak as shit. (last gen I know but indicative of the current trend)

This pistol that locks on is a piss take.

Games seem to be more and more aimed at casual players.

Saints941660d ago

Dark Souls multiplayer is so different from DS and they didn't say it was revolutionary.. As for Titanfall? They are not doing anything that has not been done before.

Can't wait to play both though. DARK SOULS 2 is tomorrow!!!!!

solidworm1659d ago

Dark souls is all about that difficulty, like games used to be. Titanfall is all about making mp as simple, easy and brain-dead as is possible. 90% of all your kills are dumb bots ffs. Revolutionary my ass lol.

Summons751659d ago

Yeah, the games are polar opposite. Dark Souls 2 just like DS1 and Demon Souls isn't even about difficulty but about learning how to play the game, learning from your mistakes, learning everything you can to win which is why it can seem difficult.

Titanfall like you said is about making it as stupid simple as possible which ruins the whole point of even playing the game. Why play when there is no challenge and everything is geared to automatically let you win instead of learning how to play and getting better on your own.

Dark Souls 2 allows you to feel accomplished.... titanfall (from the beta alone) gets boring and repetitive real fast.

PurpHerbison1659d ago

"learning how to play the game, learning from your mistakes, learning everything you can to win"

Sounds like what you have to do with majority of games.

Summons751659d ago


A majority of games that doesn't include Titanfall.

Yes you are correct, that is what games are built around. The last generation of games however had a ton a handholding and casualization in order to 'draw in a bigger crowd'. So we went from difficult games in where you HAD to get better to win to getting better to win BUT you're going to have ton of help and a lot of the difficulty taken out even on the proclaimed harder difficulties. That's why Demon Souls became an anomaly, it was difficult and it didn't try at all to hold your hand. It forced you to get pasted your rage and learn from your mistakes, it was well designed to give you all the advantage you needed but didn't point anything out and made you play over and over to learn. Other games would have a big arrow pointing to what you need or pop up a tutorial box every other item picked up with another arrow pointing you exactly where.

PurpHerbison1656d ago

I guess it just has to do with the average gamer of today wanting "instant gratification".

Grave1659d ago

Dark Souls II is changing the way we play with each other online, period. No one is doing what they are as far as interactions go.

As for Titanfall, I really don't see how making a competitive online shooter more casual can be a good thing for longevity. The skilled players will get bored and move on quickly.

MysticStrummer1659d ago

Neither will change multiplayer games.