Will Watch Dogs be Ubisoft's last big budget title for Wii U?

Last week senior producer Dominic Guay revealed that the reason the Wii U version of the game is taking so long is that it was given to Ubisoft Bucharest, so they could tailor the GamePad experience properly. For that reason, Ubisoft didn’t want to continually delay other platforms, so they’ll be getting the game first. This whole debacle stinks of a company that is ready to drop support for a system that just isn’t doing well, as so many others have.

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overlordror1660d ago

Feels like Ubisoft is trying to slink out of the Wii U support they've exhibited so far, as plenty of their announced titles just aren't hitting the platform.

Neonridr1660d ago

I am sure we will still see another Assassin's Creed show up. And Child of Light is still coming.

Neonridr1660d ago

Could be. Ubisoft is stupid to think that the Wii U version will still sell well if they delay the game significantly beyond the other platforms release date.

Many people who own the Wii U also own another console, so they would be more inclined to just not wait for the Wii U version and jump on another platform instead.

I was planning on getting this game for the Wii U because I thought they could do some very creative things with the gamepad, and it would lend itself beautifully to the whole hacking concepts. But if this game is now slipping to late 2014 or beyond, then why wouldn't I just buy this on my PS4 instead?

Shame really..

curtis921660d ago

You'd place more importance on hacking mini games via gamepad over a more immersive next-gen world?

Neonridr1660d ago

perhaps, if the gamepad implementation made for better gameplay I would. I am not talking about hacking minigames. But everything to do with your hacking device could be implemented onto the gamepad. So you could actually pick your targets, detailed information shows up on that screen, makes you actually feel like you are more involved in the game.

If you prefer shinier graphics with more physics or people on screen, then go nuts. I won't tell you what you can or can't enjoy.

wonderfulmonkeyman1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

You'd place more importance on how the game looks, over how much more the game immerses you into its world via the ways you can interact with it?
You put them down as just "hacking minigames" with little to no thought, bro.
The game will look and play next-gen regardless of console. It's the differences in how you play each one that matters, and the game pad will offer some unique stuff that shouldn't be dismissed out-of-hand over something like higher graphical fidelity.

Chrischi19881659d ago

Lol, next gen world^^

It is the same city, the graphics look worse, but not to a degree, like you make it seem. I would take the gameplay anytime over this. You watch a lot through cameras for example, Aiden sees that through his phone, so you will see it through the gamepad. It adds a lot more realism to the game and not minigame hacking. But even the minigame hacking is a nice addition, it just feels way more like you doing it. I dont expect you to understand that.

videgamenext11660d ago

I agree, as much as i love the wiiu. Third parties just dont treat it right most times. Then blame gamers. The wiiu is slowing becoming the exclusive titles console for me.

curtis921660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Possibly. Publishers are cutting cost however they can. Wii U development might not worth the investment.

Damd_Bowsr1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

At this point does it even matter. Third parties continue to disadvantage Wii U game sells by releasing late or crappy ports. Do me a favor, Don't do me no favors, if you don't want to support the Wii U than just don't.

It would make more sense to make a third Red Steel based off Red Steel 2 and a New No More Heroes anyway. Every console does not have to have the same games to be successful.
F&*kin Idiots....

Neonridr1660d ago

Ooooooo, I would love another Red Steel. Loved Red Steel 2.

SolidGear31660d ago

Found out that Dreamfall Chapters is coming to Wii U. So for that and Bayonetta 2, I may just get one later this year.

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