Gamer Mondays: Game-to-Wallet Ratio

"Tomorrow we’ll see both Titanfall and Dark Souls 2 release to the gaming public. A lot of you plan to consume both titles as quickly as possible and it’s likely there isn’t enough hours in the day to accommodate those wishes." - David Wales

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jjb19811619d ago

I'm gonna have to wait for a discount on dark souls II

TheDarpaChief1619d ago

Your loss dude. Its better than the first two combined

jjb19811617d ago

Actually I just bought the digital version. I couldn't help it. I played the first two and they are my favorite action rpgs

TheDarpaChief1617d ago

Well if you enjoy it half as much as I do then this is gonna be your goty. Its like crack to me. I'm at work itching to plsy it lmao