Pokemon’s Lonely Ground Type Cubone Gets Amazing Cosplay

AllThatsEpic: Ground type, rock head, lightning armour and battle armour; can anyone guess what that Pokemon is? It’s Cubone. Known as the Lonely Pokémon, Cubone appears to be a small, brown dinosaur-like Pokémon that constantly wears its deceased mother’s skull like a helmet. The skull masks its true face from view, which makes it a puzzlement for many Trainers and researchers. Its cries echo within the skull and it comes out as a pained and sad melody. On the night of a full moon, it cries, for it seems to recognize its mother’s face in the moon. Its tears create stains on the skull. Cubone has a plump body with a paler-colored underbelly, with strong, clawed limbs to carry a bone as a weapon around wherever it goes. Cubone also has a single, nailed toe on each foot, with two spikes on its back. A small tail is also present for balance, but it can be used for attacking. What other tricks has Cubone got up its sleeve?

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