inFamous: Second Son Interview | Sucker Punch's Ken Schramm On PS4 Power & Pressure

Dealspwn: "we sat down for a chat with Brand Development Manager Ken Schramm at a recent event for the game, and here's a little video interview with Ken talking about how the team leveraged the power of the PS4 to try and create a more immersive experience, some of the powers and play-styles that are on offer in the game, the importance of Delsin Rowe as a character, and also about the pressure of producing the first big-name, exclusive PS4 title following the console's launch."

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Meltic1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Cant stand anymore. Im getting warm. 10 Days left until i get my hands on it !

Speak_da_Truth1658d ago

fuck i can't wait for this game i glad for xb1 owners as they play Titanfall tomorrow we get our big game on the 21st and again i can't fuckin wait

Meltic1658d ago

What junk are u gona eat while playing infamous on release ? :D:D

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1658d ago

I can't wait. The only thing I'm worried about is how it will get reviewed. I think reviewers will bash it but if it was a generic FPS (shots fired) it would get 9's all across the board.

CJDUNCAN1658d ago

If the game introduces new mechanics then how is it generic? Anywho, I'm awaiting Second Son as well, but honestly from what I've seen it's just like the previous games honestly. Even the powers don't appear much different, well from the 2 we've seen. It could be just a graphical masterpiece but what's much different from Infamous 1 and 2 gameplay wise?

Strictly guessing, I say it will get solid 8's across the board. That's a good score, and even if it would get some 7s or 7.5s, that's not a bad game. We get too wrapped up in letting a score dictate if a game is great to us. Play the games you like.

Meltic1658d ago

Well like he said in the interview. Many of the missions was to take out the DUP Towers and free people. I hope those missions isnt equal all the time. ihope the story is as good as the gameplay seems to be. Then its clearly a 9.

SoapShoes1658d ago

It looks a lot different from the first two gameplay wise to me. Traversing the city for one is MUCH faster/easier. The first two got great scores so if it's not much different it'll probably do the same but there is SOOOO much we don't even know about the game.

Blues Cowboy1658d ago

@PrinceOfAllSaiyans: "if it was a generic FPS (shots fired) it would get 9's all across the board."

Pretty sure KZ: Shadow Fall didn't get 9s across the board. Reviewers want something new and exciting - I hope that inFamous can tap into that with some awesome new powers.

snake91821658d ago

Maybe I am wrong but I think he was talking about Titanfall

DonMingos1658d ago

I'm guessing a 7 from polygonsoft

waltyftm1658d ago

Nah, too fun, smooth, colourful and vibrant, easily a 6.

SoapShoes1658d ago

They gave a good game like Killzone a 5 so probably less.

voice_of_ reason1658d ago

Who cares how well it will get reviewed? If the gameplay, concept, characters, etc. appeal to you then play it. Let it stand on it's own merit, then judge it.

Review scores, ratings, numbers, stats.... it's all just static. Annoying background noise.

ZodTheRipper1658d ago

Reviews influence sales and I want this to be successfull, Sucker Punch deserves it. InFamous is one of the best franchises Sony has but the first two games could have done better.

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theshredded1658d ago

please be earth shattering!I'm kindof worried if it gets placed in the IGC next year,like past Infamous games but I can't wait anyways.Infamous is one of the few unique games kinda like Borderlands that still isn't replicated

waltyftm1658d ago

Game looks amazing, i hope the frame rate stays above single digits ;)

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