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iGR: "If it was one thing that the PS4 was missing, it was a good co-op game. Housemarque’s Dead Nation has come to fill that void. It’s you and a buddy shooting hordes of zombies through numerous levels. You can plug-in a second controller for local co-op or go online and fight for your life with a stranger."

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kewlkat0071355d ago

this game looks kewl reminds me of "Cannon spike" for the dreamcast..I miss those types of games.

waltyftm1355d ago

The PS3 version was great, this looks to improve on that greatness.

kabala1355d ago

Streaming your game with broadcast + is fun as hell!

waltyftm1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Love the PS3 version.

Aleithian1355d ago

Playing this with the wife. Great co-op fun!

NeoTribe1355d ago

I love how they implemented the speakers to announce your weapon and items you switch to. Awesome feature that needs to be used more.

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