Watch Dogs Downgrade Controversy & Infamous: Second Son Weak Marketing Campaign [Gamertag Radio]

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*Xbox Gamer Radio Edition!
*Jack Tretton stepping down as President and CEO of SCEA
*Uncharted writer leaves Naughty Dog
*Watch Dogs downgrade controversy
*Infamous: Second Son weak marketing campaign
*Titanfall marketing
*Pete can’t find Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter
*Xbox One Titanfall Bundle
*Microsoft’s Phil Spencer responds to Games with Gold concerns
*Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare got better connecting online since the update
*Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (Nintendo 3DS) review
*Fan Mail

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GribbleGrunger1660d ago

Infamous weak marketing campaign? See my avatar? Everyone on Gaf has a beanie because Infamous is being hyped all over the place.

porkChop1660d ago

It's being hyped online, sure. But where is the big marketing push with commercials, billboards, etc? The biggest PS4 game to date is about to release next week, and unless you're online you wouldn't even know the game exists. Sony had this problem all last gen with the PS3, and they're doing the same thing with the Vita. They release games with no real marketing and just expect the games to sell themselves.

NewMonday1660d ago

Sony say the bigger push will start at release week and run commercial in the theaters for a month.

SharnOfTheDEAD1660d ago

I see a trailer when I went to see non stop (ace film btw) which looked amazing on a Cinema screen. Also seen a few tv spots, so I wouldn't say it was weak. Also getting a Beanie with special edition XD

TFJWM1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Do they really need to over hype it? If you have a PS4 you know its coming out. If you are looking for a PS4 you know its coming out. And if you just decided you want a PS4 you can't find one anyway because its sold out.

frostypants1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Sony's never been one to put their games on the beverage cups and boxes at, say, Taco Bell. It's just not their thing. I think it may be a brand image policy...large corporations usually have strict branding standards that their various divisions must abide by. My guess is Sony treats the Playstation as part of the overarching Sony brand, where as MS kind of markets the Xbox as its own thing and frees the Xbox division to advertise it however they see fit.

This is all speculation but everything I've seen seems to back it up. I was shocked when they advertised Uncharted 3 at Subway, and I don't recall seeing them do anything on that scale more than one or two other times in the Playstation's history.

SilentNegotiator1659d ago

Pretty sure the internet isn't good enough for a strong marketing campaign.


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SixtyNine1660d ago

@ GG - yeah, 'cause online translates to the real world :D.

infamous never really had MASS appeal. infamous fans will be interested of coarse. And, it might even do better than the previous entries because there's hardly anything to play on PS4 at the moment. It's definitely not a system seller. Also the fact that there isn't much competition. It might just sell better than the previous games. I hope it does. I like infamous.

GribbleGrunger1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

But the so called under-hyped game has higher pre-orders than Titanfall. It's an illusion the media are now putting forward. I've seen nothing but Infamous, Infamous, Infamous for over a month now and the Youtube videos have gone viral because of it.

SoapShoes1660d ago

It doesn't have MASS appeal in the sense of Battlefield or Call of Duty but it certainly is a system seller but to what degree we'll never know because it's not like Sony can magically produces millions more PS4s.

AceBlazer131660d ago

Infamous Commercial I began seeing last week

Like Gribble said Infamous has more hype, Titanfall has the so called online hype. Some people know Infamous from back when it and Prototype always got compared. No one not following gaming news knows about Titanfall . Even with it trending on twitter all the tweets are from gaming news sites.

its_JEFF1660d ago

@porkChop @TwelveBitHero

I'm not agreeing with @GribbleGrunger but IDK why you guys are scoffing at online "hype". Wasn't TitanFall's hype ALL online? It was getting hyped at all the big gaming websites, and all the popular forums... was that "hype" not real?

I've only recently seen TitanFall commercials on TV. But, the hype trains started much earlier than that... online.

SteamPowered1660d ago

Microsoft had titans in the X1 launch commercials.

its_JEFF1660d ago


The only thing I'm saying is online hype is real, it was real for TitanFall. I can list all the TitanFall articles in my post but this page wiuldnr be long enough. TitanFall had huge amounts of online hype, that's the truth.

its_JEFF1660d ago

Argh... damn these fat fingers! Mean to say "wouldn't be long enough"

porkChop1660d ago

Online marketing is important, but the fact is most gamers don't look up games or gaming news online. The vast majority of gamers rely on kick ass commercials, magazine/billboard ads, word of mouth, etc. That's just the way it is.

its_JEFF1660d ago

That word of mouth comes from the hardcore that look online tho, right? Are you the "designated" gamer in your family/friends circle? I am and they ask me what they should be playing or paying attention to.

I might be a special case, but I get most of my news/gaming news and info from the internet... I don't watch very much TV.

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OsirisBlack1660d ago


Why do people keep saying "Theres hardly anything to play on PS4"? I have 11 games that are all quite fun and not enough time to get into them all .... then there are 4 I could download for free that are also fun but I would not have time for them either so..... I guess.

SixtyNine1660d ago

guys, you need to understand that the internet is not representative of real world statistics.

That's great for you that there are lot of games that interest you on PS4 at this moment in time.

In my opinion, there's hardly anything worthwhile to play on PS4 - - >in my opinion. I'm speaking for myself, not others.

I would buy a PS4 for infamous, that's only because i'm a fan of the series (the same can't be said for the average joe). Up until march I haven't had a reason to buy PS4. infamous is only one game so I'll continue to wait I guess. I might just cave in ^_^.


jonatan2211660d ago


All the clips shown have people drooling over it, I really don't get this "weak" marketing.

The only weak part is people don't seem to like the HUD, personally I don't mind it. But maybe that day one patch will adjust it to please the mass.

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Meltic1660d ago

New image of Watch dogs. Doesen't look bad at all

porkChop1660d ago

Still not as good looking as the PS4 gameplay from late 2013, but this screen doesn't look too bad really. It's 1920x1080 so it's a PS4 screenshot. But at the same time, this screen doesn't really look like gameplay so it could be another bullshot, though I hope it isn't.

Meltic1660d ago

The screen is from a gameplay. Escaping the cops.

frostypants1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Wow...their version of Chicago is apparently way, WAY off from reality. That looks like it's supposed to be Soldier Field, but Soldier Field isn't in a busy neighborhood with power lines's by itself between the park and the lake. It's also not a baseball stadium like that one in the picture apparently is. Actually it kind of looks like they merged Soldier Field and Wrigley Field into a single abomination, which would explain the location. I'm kind of wondering why they bother calling it Chicago in the game...every demo I've seen has just looked like anytown, USA, with a couple of Chicago landmarks thrown in.

porkChop1660d ago

Which gameplay video is it from? Do you have a link?

Aceman181660d ago

i see plenty of ads on tv during my shows. also seeing Destiny, and Watchdogs PS4 tv ads even though there months away.

mrpsychoticstalker1660d ago

I haven't see anything, I see Titans everywhere.

king_george1660d ago

Im seeing Infamous: Second Son literally everywhere i go... whether im watching tv or on youtube. I dont understand how the marketing campaign can be considered weak

Meltic1660d ago

Here in sweden they have putted up many posters at the bus stops everywhere. Its read '' Infamous second son march 21, only on ps4''

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