Star Citizen Shatters the Mind-Boggling $40,000,000 Crowd Funding Barrier Thanks to 405,289 Backers

After a year and a half since the beginning of the crowd funding campaign, star citizen overtook the 40 million dollars crowd funding goal.

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imtheman20131654d ago

Probably because this game looks cool as hell.

Magicite1654d ago

Ive never liked sci-fi games, but for some reason I think this one might be first I will want to give a good try.

cyguration1654d ago

It's now rocking Mass Effect 3's budget and already looks 100x better.

jay21654d ago

it better be worth it.

I_am_Batman1654d ago

That's an avarage of $100 per backer. The pressure must be huge on the devs to deliver an awesome game. I don't even want to imagine the shitstorm if this doesn't turn out great.

Pandamobile1654d ago

In the end, it won't matter what the public's reaction to the game is, as long as it satisfies the backers, they'll be fine.

Milruka1654d ago

If in the end the backers are not happy, and other people who try and get the game do not like it, it will be probably the last chocking gurgle out of kickstarter games.

Akuma071654d ago

Also, isn't the increasing number of additional rewards just going to push the games release out even further?

When is it actually expected to release?

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