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When key members of Infinity Ward left to form Respawn Entertainment and make Titanfall, the question they had to answer was: could the studio make a game that’s as exhilarating and compulsive as the early Modern Warfare titles that made the Infinity Ward alumni famous? As it turns out, the answer to that question is yes.

The concept of a game in which the player can take out another human opponent with a shotgun, jump out of window, run across a wall and land in a gigantic mech, before launching a salve of missiles at an enemy titan and then ripping an opposing player from the chest of the damaged robotic beast is a compelling one. It’s also a concept that the cynic inside you might understandably interpret as little more than a dressing up of a tired formula, an indication that Titanfall is about nothing but spectacle. To an extent, Titanfall is about spectacle, but it’s also a fresh, taut and incredibly well-balanced shooter that is a hell of a lot of fun.

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Alan_Shore1622d ago

Gonna say it first.........Nice

Have decided to buy this game after reading all these reviews! So excited

PromKnight1622d ago

Hell yeah, you could download this digitally early and I must say, the Frame-Rate is very smooth and the image is crisp.

Love this Game.

mrpsychoticstalker1622d ago

Thank You Respawn!

My Xbox On is more than ready.... I have entered the caves, there's only My HD TV, Xbox One, LIVE, a Toilet, Beer.

I Shall see you all soon in a month or two, unless Mariahelfutura comes out with an anti Titanfall, xbox or Microsoft article to comment on.

Pogmathoin1622d ago

Mrpsycho, then you will never have time to play TF... Mariahellfutura has nothing better to do than scour the net for negative articles. Too bad as the game looks awesome... Played beta, not getting the game yet though..... Decided to go back and finish many games on 360 and PS3.....

MCTJim1622d ago

The game is just that good :D

Axios21622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

The sheer number of positive reviews is overwhelming (the haters), lol

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