Titanfall takes aim at the cloud: 'We’ve really let the designers go crazy'

The Guardian "Respawn Entertainment is days away from launching its hugely anticipated sci-fi shooter. We talk to programmer Jon Shiring about the technical revolution going on in the background"

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Fireseed1504d ago

Great article. I can name a few people on this site who need to read this so we don't have to hear their "TEH CLOUDZ!!!" comments again >_>

-Foxtrot1504d ago

Maybe people wouldn't keep talking about "TEH CLOUDZ!!!" if Microsoft and devs like Respawn would shut up about it...

Nocando1504d ago

You could always, you know, ignore the stories. You seem to be on every Xbox One thread, why do you torture yourself like this?

-Foxtrot1504d ago

lol...every Xbox article

I'm on a variety of's N4G

Why cherry pick to try and have a counter argument because your p****** off over what I've just said.

lolCHILLbro1504d ago

lots of downplaying of Titanfall in these parts lol, i played the beta on Xbox One and it looked and ran smooth so relax kiddies

Mexxan1504d ago

You must have done a rock. The beta was dog shit rough.

InTheLab1504d ago

I've seen this comment like 3 times now.

dale_denton1504d ago

whatever makes you sleep better at night "bro"

Summons751504d ago

Just because it LOOKS nice and runs smooth, doesn't mean it's a good game.

Simple controls with no depth to them, no brain function required to play, and very repetitive = very bland game.

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B-radical1504d ago

Agreed very nice read. Still waiting to see it run real code

phil spencer said he wants to show it running real code make it happen at e3 or shoosh

Charybdis1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

To put the n4g title into context, the title of the guardian article is :"Titanfall takes aim at the cloud: 'We’ve really let the designers go crazy"

edit: The excerpt of the n4g title seems to be referring to, the third allinea, pushing (testing) the scaling between different data centres to breaking point during the beta.

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Malice-Flare1504d ago

heh, 792p is near the XB1's breaking point, on a game running a modified last-gen engine. good hardware design MS...

i'm getting this on the PC...

waltyftm1504d ago

Good choice, Single figure frames per second lmao.

JBSleek1504d ago

Yet you saw Ryse so clearly that's not true.

Eonjay1504d ago

Maybe Respawn is pushing the Source engine to its limit. That must be it.

B-radical1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Ryse sure was sexy!

why did respawn use such an old engine new engines would benifit more even running at 720

AgitatedOcelot1504d ago

Ryse dropped to as low as 14 fps or something like that in the digital foundry test. And it was downgraded as well during development.

It was also a linear hack and slash devoid of any value in actually playing the game.

SixtyNine1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I wouldn't care what resolution Xbox ONE is running the game at if I really had a gaming PC, especially if I'm accustomed to gaming at 'full HD' and luxurious framerates. Just sayin'

Respawn should hire from N4G. . we seem to know better than they do at game development.

jdiggitty1504d ago

I joined the glorious master race back in Nov. I got an incredible black friday deal (which I still think had to be a mistake)32gram, 5.0GhzCPU,(2)R9/290, 4TB HDD, water cooled, 850w, and 4 free new games for $1500.

The problem is I still have to get a PS4. Sony doesn't port their AAA games very often. And I end up with dozens of Steam deal on games I'll probably never get to. I'm way too impulsive.

But go for it. It's so worth it! I'm kicking myself now for not having done it sooner.

SixtyNine1504d ago

@jdiggitty I was being sarcastic. It just funny that most of these clowns happen to own gaming PCs whenever a game is console exclusive.

I already have a gaming PC. I refrain from jumping on every sale 'cause there's hardly time to play these days. Steam has to be the worst(in a good way) ... Just got deus ex on psn for 12euro just so I can dual screen with the vita. My PC ain't overkill tho' she's decent and plays the games I want.

DeadRabbits1504d ago

Titanfall on xbone is like trying to break the sound barrier on a hand glider!

Ra30301504d ago

Now, now Rinkuchal......ok your right about ever word you said especially the "good hardware design MS"! After all it's a Cable Box....A CABLE BOX that can play TITANFALL! The only cable box in the world that can play Titanfall. So when Respawn says "We're pushing everything to breaking point".......they mean it!

mediate-this1504d ago

And bf4 is 900p on ps4, both these systems are garbage, dont act like ps4 is some beast, with a weak cpu, bf4 is the only game pushing these systems hard and they both can not do full res and 60fps.

Albeit ps4 is stronger but not by much, i see ps4 taking short cuts to achieve 1080 same with xb1. I got both systems with some of the same multiplats on both. They are both weak

Malice-Flare1504d ago

well, that's what you get for buying PC games for consoles...

my XB1, PS4 and Wii U are for exclusives...

stellarpanda1504d ago

PC Elitist in a nutshell. Calling anything that is not a PC garbage. You fail to see why consoles even exist, instead its about PC elitist justifying being a PC gamer.

iNFAMOUZ11504d ago

You Sony kids are so retarded it's not worth replying to anymore.

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OrangePowerz1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Source Engine 1 with no destruction or much in physics is pushing to the breaking point? Is that one of the guys that worked at IW before with their old CoD engine?

-Foxtrot1504d ago

Can't wait to see what Source 2 will bring

Rubberlegs1504d ago

They aren't talking about the graphics but what they are doing with the cloud service. Also the game doesn't need much destruction, if had destruction like Battlefield then maps would be cleared out within minutes from the Titans. All the maps are closed off and to small for that.

ZeroX98761504d ago

I'm getting this on PC, it reminds me a bit of unreal tournament with all those side step, double jump and wall ride. I like the pace too!

I would have loved it on my PS4, but not being on my console of choice won't stop me from playing this game :)

CEOSteveBallmer1504d ago

Yeah pushing it on Xbone to kae it look prettier. PC version will pound xbone verssion. i don't get why people will buy a bone just to play this. you can build a powerful PC for also $500 and can have a high settings for titanfall.

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