Halo Will Leap Xbox One Into a Lead, Not Titanfall

Koku writes: "It is common sense in any industry, if you have a quality product that has done nothing short of improve year after year or game after game those dedicated to your product will always follow you. In the case of Microsoft gaming console it has been the Halo franchise. You'll recall that back in 2001 when the Xbox was trailing all the game consoles in sales some thought that we would not see the big black console survive its first year on the market."

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TheLyonKing1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

It will certainly move more units than Titanfall as for leap frogging the ps4 maybe in USA it will produce a greater sales spike for a while but it won't overtake the ps4 and certainly it won't overtake ps4 in Europe or WW.

Septic1622d ago

Hmm maybe more so than Titanfall but I has stiff competition in the FPS stakes now.

I can't think of any other console exclusive FPS that can go toe to toe against it but Destiny in a way is its spiritual competitor because of Bungie and because of the similar playstyles (gun-play wise).

Cinotix1622d ago

Definitely so, Microsoft bread and butter will be made sure to spend a lot of money on marketing with just about every outlet possible. I have always trusted what they have done with that franchise than what activision has done with Call of Duty.

Naga1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I think there's some merit to the author's argument, though. If Titanfall turns out to be the huge success all signs are pointing toward, that will shift momentum and posture the Xbox One such that when the next Halo hits shelves, they might actually be in a position to take a marginal lead.

Presuming Microsoft and 343 handle the Halo franchise appropriately, I think the author could actually be right. At least in North America.

sonarus1622d ago

yea and after halo doesn't work you will be trying to tell me viva pinata cloud edition will be the final solution

Ziriux1622d ago

Sonarus, that's silly "if halo doesn't work" of course it will it has a huge following with it that will always be around.

Naga1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

@ sonarus

Hey. Don't knock Viva Pinata! That game was awesome.

dedicatedtogamers1622d ago

The sales of Halo games have been on a steady decline since Halo 3. It will move consoles, but how much, especially since the PS4 will have such a wide lead by then?

At best, I think it will help the X1 to catch up to the PS4 in the USA, but that's about it.

rainslacker1622d ago

I don't think any one game would cause it to jump ahead. It can certainly help increase it's install base though.

MS got the lead last gen by coming out early, and maintained steady sales, with spikes, by having a varied selection of of desirable exclusives. Things like GeOW, Fable, Forza, Halo, and strong 3rd party support all helped it maintain it's pace. System sellers give spikes for 1-2 months(sometimes less), then sales tend to level out. We see this currently with the Vita as big games come out for it, and the same is true with every console in existence. Eventually all companies have to broaden their target audiences, or sales will just stagnate.

At some point the who sold more argument becomes moot. If MS can get enough consoles into people's hand, they will have support by default. In general, 3rd party won't ignore a sizable install base.

NewMonday1622d ago

Halo I like

the only reason I can't wait for Destiny is because it is made by Bungie, I never liked FPS before playing Halo on the original Xbox

fr0sty1622d ago

Halo's creators are making PS4 games now. The franchise's name alone isn't going to keep competition at bay.

sonarus1622d ago

Lol. I am not trying to knock viva pinata. Just pointing out how easy it is to hype the next exclusive as savior when the reality is no one game can save anything.

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badz1491622d ago

we are already moving on to Halo? WHAT? WHY? Titanfall just released and it's time to move on?

pandaboy1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

yes, because it isn't getting reviewed as high as it was hyped and it's sales are nothing out of the ordinary judging by pre-orders. People are realising this and moving on already.

Septic1622d ago



"yes, because it isn't getting reviewed as high as it was hyped"

Er...its getting great reviews.

" and it's sales are nothing out of the ordinary judging by pre-orders"

WHAT?? Sales are nothing? It hasn't even come out yet! And pre-orders now equal sales??

"People are realising this and moving on already."

Complete B.S. Stop making stuff up. Who on earth is agreeing with you?

It just all sounds like wishful thinking and sour grapes to me.

mrpsychoticstalker1622d ago

Lol @panda

Come out of the caverns and see the reviews again.

CorndogBurglar1622d ago

@ Pandaboy

The reviews i've seen have been pretty strong. 8-9's from what i've seen.

It takes a lot for a game to be a 10...and with all the FPS's flooding the market, I would say an 8-9 is a very good score.

This is coming from someone that doesn't own an X1 and has no plans to buy Titanfall, by the way.

pandaboy1622d ago

Well done septic, you failed to address my comment and even managed to misquote and twist it...

Sitting at 87 on metacritic as I type this and was hyped as game of the generation... just no guys. Bear in mind killzone2 was called a flop by sony haters for sitting at a fantastic 91 just because Gears of War and Halo happened to be a point or two higher.

Pre-orders estimated at 570k, to put into perspective infamous is thought to be at 600k. Certainly not system seller numbers, Halo will move far more units and consoles than these two games.

It's a good game that you are trying to hype as the xbox1 saviour. It's like you and the rest of those hyping this game are desperately trying to convince the internet that the game is something it's not. Sad really.

Septic1622d ago

"Sitting at 87 on metacritic as I type this and was hyped as game of the generation..."

Oh yeah the game was hyped but it was also derided and nit-picked by a certain crowd at every angle; res, player count, everything.

The game is delivering exactly the kind of scores I was expecting. What was I twisting again?

""People are realising this and moving on already."

Go on...prove this point. Who is moving on? How can we move on when we haven't even played the game yet??

"It's a good game that you are trying to hype as the xbox1 saviour."

No I'm not hyping it as the X1 saviour. I also am not desperately downplaying it like you and others on here are. I'm calling you our for making sweeping statements like people are moving on from Titanfall and questioning the success of its sales before its even out for sale!

THAT's what's sad really.

pandaboy1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


as far as i can tell people are moving on in the realisation that the game isn't going to be a system seller for xbox1 like it was hyped to be though I'm not stating it as a fact. If you don't think so and want to prove this point so adamantly then take a poll on neogaf or something. I'm just saying it as I see it.

Don't worry though, nobody is suggesting people don't care about the game and are moving on, which for some reason seems to be what you think I'm suggesting.

oh, and in regards to what you are twisting, just re-read what you wrote after one of my quotes. I shouldn't have to explain it.

ok, i'll just give you it actually, here
"WHAT?? Sales are nothing?"

Bernlock1622d ago


Wow just wow. People are moving on and your idea to prove this theory is to poll people on Neogaf?????? The biggest pro sony site around.

And are you seriously basing stuff off of preorders?? You release most people don't preorder games. You are completely ignoring that crowd plus the ones who are going all digital. Do you know what you get for preordering a video game? A big dick in your mouth

jjonez181622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Titanfall has kept the xbone relevant, but halo will make it a must have. Ask most 360 or 1 owners what their most anticipated game is and they would probably answer halo more so than titanfall. Now the whole "Halo Will Leap Xbox One Into a Lead" is another question. The ps4 is putting up record breaking numbers with literally no must have exclusives(or multiplats for that matter). And I'll bet, that Sony won't sit idle while MS loads people into the Halo hype train. Halo will move units, but it's not like the ps4 wont have its own blockbusters either. I wouldn't underestimate how many ps exclusives are being held back for the perfect stage.

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wls10121622d ago

not with 343 at the helm, 343 lack the skills to make a Halo game, look at Halo 4

BladerunnerZX1622d ago

Im not a big Halo fan and I loved Halo 4.

The single player has the best most interesting storyline and well developed characters out of any Halo game before it, as 343 took a lot of what was in the Halo books to add to the overall storyline and did it all very well.

343 studios made Cortana into a very interesting character and actually made Masterchief more interesting and gave him a bit of real personality.

Also The Halo 4 multiplayer is great with new abilities and vehicles and excellent maps too.

The graphics in Halo4 are the best on 360.

So yea 343 did a great job with Halo 4 in everyway possible.

I dont care if its the "pop" thing to hate on Halo 4 by some long time Halo fans simply because Bungie didnt make the game.

That being stated I would buy an Xbox One just to play Halo 5 in large part for the fact that 343 did such a great job with Halo 4.

creatchee1622d ago

I'm very much a huge Xbox fan, but no one game is going to help Xbox One pass PS4. It is going to take a large body of quality exclusives, changes to corporate philosophy that are palpable to gamers, and a clear illustration and justification of the price at ALL price points, even when they drop. The March update and Titanfall are the beginning, and Halo and Quantum Break are future steps. They have to keep going though - no resting on laurels, no complacency, no retreat. If they want to be victorious, they have to come at us realer and harder than anyone else.

T21622d ago

I think the bigger concern too is whether Halo 5, Crackdown 3, Forza 6, Fable 4, Gears 4 are going to do it....
notice the theme here? not many new ips... not that it matters a ton, I mean 3rd party games are always good too... but still it is intriguing.....

SilentNegotiator1622d ago

LOL, it didn't stop Xbox 360 from ultimately selling less units at a slower rate than its plastation competitor, why would it do so in the 8th generation?

Magicite1622d ago

only place, where x1 might leap ahead of PS4, is Brazil.

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Ziriux1622d ago

Their different games, with different styles. I have always been a bungie follower though and have enjoy just about every halo game but ODST, and thats because the look and feel were not of a Halo game to me. Titanfall is an exciting game that I can't wait to get my hands on as well.

Riderz13371622d ago

In the lead?

Lmfao too funny. Really you had me going there for a sec.

Conzul1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Yeah it's funny that people think that there is ANYTHING that Xbox could do to gain a lead over Playstation in the US, let alone world-wide. At this point, it is impossible.
There is no action, or set of actions, that MS could perform to achieve that dream. Relatively speaking, they have already lost.

There will be spikes and cycles, yes, but it is foolish to think that the Bone will be able to achieve and sustain a higher number of US sales than the PS4 for any significant amount of time.

AgitatedOcelot1622d ago

If they dropped kinect and took the price down to $299 they could get back into things. But even then that probably wouldn't take back the lead for them.

It was over the moment that fatefully bad reveal conference took place a year ago.

OsirisBlack1622d ago

The thing about halo is its not being made by the studio that developed it they have moved on to Destiny and it is a safe bet that Destiny will dominate the next halo.

stuna11622d ago

It looks like someone has got up on the wrong side of the titan this morning!

Either way I really don't think Halo is even going to be enough for the Xbox1 to surpass the PS4 in sales! Unless they're talking the U.S, then it's possible, but even then that's dependent on when Halo releases! It's not like the PS4 is going to wait for them to catch up though.

kiz26941622d ago

I agree, people seem to think the PS4 has already peaked. Which it really hasn't.

MightyNoX1622d ago

Someone said if Titanfall doesn't save the Bone, MS will hype the next big thing. It has already begun, I see.

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