Why Local Multiplayer Games Will Always Be The Best

Chris Hyde of Dealspwn writes: "Whilst I'm a fan of some "me time", smashing a single-player game, there's definitely a different type of thrill to be had in sharing gaming with others. Multiplayer has been around for years in various guises, but there has definitely been a shift over the last few years, particularly in the last couple of gaming generations, to focus more on online multiplayer. Steps forward in technology have allowed for people all across the world to join together in their gaming experiences. And it has been widely embraced as a result, so many people worldwide now enjoy a spot of online multiplayer as part of their game time.

But I'm here today to tell you why I prefer my multiplayer a little bit closer to home. Why for me, local multiplayer is king when it comes to group gaming."

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NeoTribe1624d ago

Well it requires real life friends to qualify.

Mr_cheese1624d ago

I like local multiplayer, it's more sociable. Yes it has some downsides, but it was so good. I used to spend hours on the Medal of Honour Rising Sun with my friend playing against the bots. It just feels better than speaking through a mic.

PoSTedUP1624d ago

i agree. Killzone1 with bots. Timesplitters3: building a fortress in map editor- spawning bots. redfaction2 CTF with bots. turok2: playing as the monkey and raptor splitscreen. turok3 splitscreen etc. the golden era for me.

even when online became more popular, we still loved to hook up two to three tv's in the same room for socom and play online together.

Flipgeneral1624d ago

Bionic commando 4 player mayhem. COD splitscreen is fun too. Too bad they stopped the tradition with ghosts

AirJohnston1624d ago

Yes. Online to me will never be the same as sitting around a tv with your best friends and going nuts. Most of these occasions involving Goldeneye, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, or NBA Street

Simco8761624d ago

They will always be the best! When MW2 was the rage, we played some split screen multiplayer. Awesome.

Brought me back to the old days of Goldeneye, Mario Kart and all those amazing games back then. You got to interact with your buddies in person and not just over a mic. Kids growing up now will see their childhood just like we saw ours, but just in a different way. They are connected, but not physically.

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