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TitanFall is a multiplayer shooter with mechs and parkour elements. You play a pilot, a dude who has a jetpack on his back and is authorized to fight. In a mech They are the nice guys, the rock stars of the battlefield, where the mob against looks up. The mobs in this case, the Grunts, AI controlled teammates and enemies in the balance lay down their lives for the IMC or the Militia.

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hulk_bash19871658d ago

Another great score. I was hoping to get some playtime in before work tomorrow but the servers are not live yet. So I guess its gonna have to wait till tomorrow night. *sigh

venom061658d ago

this guy so like a fanboy seriously.... 8.4 a great score???? not at all...

BlackTar1871658d ago

So you don't think 8.4 is a great score?

This past gen and now this one has really deluded people on rating systems.

It's dumb.

8.4 is a great score. What's wrong with it?

jukins1657d ago

Lol 8.4 isn't great? Maybe because it's a Microsoft exclusive you think that.

hulk_bash19871657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Haha so like a fanboy. Please son I have a PS4 and I have Titanfall for the PC. And in what world is an 8.4/10 not a great score? If you're looking for a fanboy, I think you better look in the mirror.

3-4-51657d ago

8.4 is a really good score. It means the game is definitely worth trying out.

The Demo/beta didn't hook me but I may get it at some point.

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Onenyte1658d ago

8.4 is more then fine , the game is by far not of 10/10 quality.

Fz6soldier1658d ago

You would think it would be 9s and 10s across the board with all the hype this game got. Looks like Microsoft got its Killzone.

curtis921658d ago

review scores are dumb. KZ was a lot of fun and people will no doubt have a good ol time with TF.

Hell, I'm still on Thief and love it! and that's sitting at a ridiculous 68 metacritic.

Aceman181658d ago

word i never put stock in numbered scores. this past gen i had more fun playing games that averaged in the 7s than the highly scored ones.

how does Thief play i'm thinking of getting it?

classic191658d ago

lol, yup 9s in 10s. but 8s will do, wait the most overrated game this year in the reviews is showing us. bf4 ftw.

Septic1658d ago

"Looks like Microsoft got its Killzone."

Lol what??!'s got 8's and 9's. Please dont compare this to Killzone...smh

Fz6soldier1658d ago

yeah okay, KZ2 had a 91 or 92 on metacritic. KZ2 was a good Fps, but not a system seller or Halo killer.

Titanfall currently sits at 87 on metacritic and I highly doubt it is going to be a system seller or Cod killer.

Septic1657d ago

Sorry I thought we were comparing it to Shadow Fall

hankmoody1658d ago

Killzone is graphics before gameplay. Titanfall is the opposite. Try again, pal.

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