TitanFall Xbox One 792p versus PC 1080p offers little difference

TitanFall's output resolution isn't the be all and end all of the game on Xbox One at 792p even when faced with dips in frames, the overall experience is still rather good.

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ArbitorChief1660d ago

There's some what of a difference, but hardly noticeable IMO.

Pandamobile1660d ago

The comparison is also being made with a Youtube video. Unless you're doing a direct feed screenshot comparison, you're not getting a valid comparison.

bunt-custardly1660d ago

Quote: "the differences aren’t that noticeable, even when looking at both games in operation on their respective platforms in realtime."

ArbitorChief1660d ago

Of course, I own a gaming PC, I've played Titanfall BETA on PC and XB1 and there is a difference of course, things like 1440p resolution, consistent 60+ FPS, better textures, but honestly with a game like Titanfall, it's mostly a console port and on PC it's hardly a brag-able difference compared to the XB1 version. I'm getting both versions, XB1 and PC.

Volkama1660d ago

I played both too, but not side by side. The differences are there, but mostly very minor. The only thing that really gives it away is aliasing on the console version.

Which is why it's not necessarily good news when they talk about post-launch work to up the res but drop the AA. Some of the aliasing is a surely result of the upscale though, so we'll just wait and see what they come up with.

Kingthrash3601660d ago

lol...flaws dont matter with this game.
mattered with cod, bf, kz, halo...but this game manages to avoid flaw criticism. its like a ugly girl with a big butt....not pretty to look at but, fun to play with.

Computersaysno1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

If you can have much higher resolution and smoother filtering with a rock solid framerate then that's a difference worth noting.

There's plenty of difference if they aim for 60fps and it can't actually maintain even that on Xbox One. Reason enough to see an important difference in an online shooter having a rock solid framerate and control response.

I think it's a bit of a travesty that a 400 pound console can't push a game as ugly as this at better res and framerates. Seriously it doesn't even have to look stunningly gorgeous but at least give us a next gen feel for the money outlay.

Is it really going to be much worse on 360? If it isn't will articles popuup saying it's only a bit of a framerates and resolution difference so why get Xbox one just get it for 360?

I suspect they wouldn't.

Who cares right? What's a bit of resolution and framerate. Might as well get it on 360. Lets see that written in a couple weeks.

Utalkin2me1660d ago

They key thing. If it was running 1080p, how would that affect the rest of the game? I bet it would affect framerate and other parts of the game. The point being not that 792p and 1080p is noticeable or not. Just the Xbox1 struggles to do so. And especially a game that has average graphics.

cozomel1660d ago

Oh give it up already, people, of course its hard to tell the difference on these videos, if you played both versions on the same tv you would definitely see a difference. Stop saying theres no difference. Nobody is buying it, except for other MS fanboys, so its preaching to the choir. You MS fanboys are obsessed with resolution, talk about insecurities. And denying theres no difference makes you look dumb.

AngelicIceDiamond1660d ago

@Panda Who cares man at this point. It just sounds like excuses now.

If there's barely a difference then there's barely a difference.

If there's a major difference then we'd clearly be seeing it by now.

This TF res debate has been going on since December, far to long now.

I just want the game in my hands now.

Pandamobile1660d ago

It's not an excuse, it's just what it is. These faulty comparisons skew people's perception of resolution and graphical quality.

The amount of blatantly false information circulating N4G these days is mind boggling. It's no wonder groups of people are at such odds with each other. It's a toxic place.

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Brazz1660d ago

comparing 792p and 1080p in Youtube compressed video... i call bullshit...

Hicken1660d ago

Even then, if there were no discernible differences when looking at direct feed kid each game, there'd be a problem. 792 shouldn't look like 1080, and vice versa.

ramiuk11660d ago

if it was on 2 tvs in front of you,there difference would easily be noticable.

the foliage stands out a mile,plus its clearer and thats when im watching heavily compressed youtube videos.

i wish youtube would up there game and do uncompressed footage.

gamersyde has amazing videos for showing differences

Audiggity1660d ago

They even said that watching them side by side was tough to notice.

The only* thing I could personally notice was the foliage/grass... and... seriously, if you have time to look at trees and grass in Titanfall - well, you're doing it wrong.

Played it in 1440 @ 60fps+ for PC during the beta and still going with the Xbox One version.

kewlkat0071660d ago

"the foliage stands out a mile"

I wonder why people play games anymore...

An action-paced game like Titanfall, he talking about foliage...ha

badz1491660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

what people don't get is...if the difference is "hardly noticeable", why couldn't the Xbone be pushed harder? 900p maybe?

we can't expect much from the game even on high setting on PC because the game is built on the ancient Source Engine that even a mid-end GPU of today will have no problem running it at 1080p 60fps. but doesn't that fact bother some people that even with such a minuscule engine, the Xbone can't do even 900p to maintain 60fps? just how weak is the Xbone, actually?

Audiggity1660d ago

It's a new IP, with some new ideas, getting great reviews and it is fun to play.

WTF is wrong with you people?

It looks just fine. Why are there so many TF trolls?

blahblah1231660d ago

I think there was some old mumbling about Respawn having trouble with early XBO dev tools and drivers then more recently they were "experimenting" with how to use the ESRAM. Which is why all the early demos ran only on PC hardware.

Zampella said long ago, they chose the Source engine because it ran so well on PS3 and they were aiming for PS360 as the main sellers. Inevitably, they'll improve it, but how much headroom the XBO actually has is anybody's guess.

Melankolis1660d ago

He might be annoying for TF/XB1 fans, but he's got the points...

ramiuk11660d ago

i played the beta on my gaming pc and it was ugly even on highest.
nice a nd smooth gameplay but you can instantly tell its built with same engine/people as cod

badz1491660d ago

"It's a new IP, with some new ideas, getting great reviews and it is fun to play."

ok, let's just all stick with the 360 then. there's no need for next gen, no need to push the envelop, no need for game development to move forward. as long as the game is fun, right?

Utalkin2me1660d ago


He makes valid points and makes a nice comment, so he is trolling? Gotta love this site.

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monkeyDzoro1660d ago

The fact that there are few differences between 1080p and 792p for this PARTICULAR game, doesn't mean the gap between 792p and 1080p isn't huge.
This game was clearly built with consoles in mind.

Take a game like Battlefield. Compare screenshots between PS3 (720p) and PC (1080p) and you WILL see differences, huge ones.

andrewsqual1660d ago

TitanFall Xbox One 792p versus PC 1080p offers little difference, when playing on a 28" Screen Monitor. Fixed it for you.

frostypants1660d ago

Good point. What were these guys playing it on? Let's see them on a 55" TV.

Rodney251660d ago

I'm sorry but there's a clear difference between 1080p and 720p. I have Stick of Truth on PS3 and PC and 1080 looks way more crisp.

TruthInsider 1660d ago

There is a difference between 792p & 1080p!

792p is better, it says so in the Xbone "Now you've been scammed" startup guide

QuickdrawMcgraw1660d ago

Xbox bullies will never see the difference between the PC an Xbox1 Version....

blahblah1231660d ago

Robots? Hardly noticeable! Looks just like a shooter to me!

brich2331660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

What are you talking about? everytime I play a game and its not 1080p, Im going "Waaaaaah", and:

"OMG this game is 720p"
"Where are my P's"
"this game is less fun because its not 1080p"

Gaming is about 1080p lol

RedDeadLB1659d ago

In a youtube video, that is. Try running a game in 792p on your monitor and then run it at 1080p.

I would never sacrifice resolution. NEVER. It's better to run a game at lower details @ native resolution than to add bling but sacrifice resolution.

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koolaid2511660d ago

I'm starting to really think that resolution really doesn't matter.

Septic1660d ago

Well it does but just not as much for this game. It's not exactly the most next-gen looking title considering its built on the Source engine.

But I'd rather have a great game with mediocre visuals than a pretty yet shallow FPS.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1660d ago

Yep. In my younger days, hell even in my olden days now, we play the games for a weird thing called "fun factor".

It's the craziest thing. Even a game that isn't in HD can still be fun to play. So weird. I guess I never had great, great fun playing SOCOM 2.

Philoctetes1660d ago

So you'll be playing this on the 360 then, right?

LogicStomper1660d ago


"So you'll be playing this on the 360 then, right?"

Here's Midnight's comment in two nutshells.

1) He plays games for the fun of the game. (so gameplay)

2) A game that isn't in HD can still be fun to play.

This doesn't even suggest that he will be playing it on 360. The basic message he's portraying is that he values gameplay over graphics, and that HD is not a requirement for a fun game.

So yes, graphics may not matter to such an extent, but if the game performs better on other platforms (which he'd prefer to play on), he may rather get it on the better performing platform.

My basic message to you:

Just because someone doesn't find graphics overly important doesn't mean they will buy the worst performing version. If there are alternatives, and said person likes one of the better performing alternatives, he could get said alternative whilst 1 and 2 remain true.

Gamer6661660d ago

Resolution matters... Just it is a law of diminishing returns thing...

1080p to 480p is a significant difference...

1080p to 792p not so much obviously...

Anything 720p above should be considered respectable.

I am more concerned about whether the game can hold its frame rates steady at or above 30 fps. Since they advertise as 60 fps this should not be a concern...

SilentNegotiator1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

"1080p to 480p is a significant difference...
1080p to 792p not so much obviously..."

You think that double the amount pixels isn't "significant"? Really?

Baka-akaB1660d ago

People exagerate on both side of this . The difference isnt as enormous as made out to be . But no both pc and consoles versions wont look the same and hard to distinguish .

Something as average graphically as Cod , every year after MW1 , still looked a lot more crips and clean thanks to the resolution difference on PC and the loss of jaggies . It made it more bearable on a graphical level .

Cuzzo631659d ago

720 upscale to 1080 is blurry compared to native 1080. It's noticable. Try it and see. 2 hd tvs side by side. Have one set to 720 and the other at 1080 and you will most Def see a difference. I don't kno why all youguys try and make this stuff up. IIt's plain as day.

Gamer6661659d ago

Really it depends on TV size... The bigger the TV, the more noticeable it is... I will give you that... 720p on an 80" TV is noticeably blurry-er than 1080p on an 80" TV. But when we are talking 25" - 50" TVs you probably won't notice much difference.

Yep, because everyone puts two HD TVs side by side to compare their 720p games with 1080p... Honestly, don't you have any games to play rather than comparing the same game side-by-side on two different Consoles and HD TVs? You must be a PS4 only owner. I feel sorry for you guys replaying Sony exclusives Killzone, Knack, and Resogun over and over since November while X1 gamers have DR3, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Max and the Curse of Brotherhood, Peggle 2, Powerstar Golf, Zoo Tycoon, Lococycle, PvZ Garden Warfare, and tomorrow Titanfall. I bought my PS4 and was bored in a few days after completing the games. I am still working through all the Microsoft exclusives/timed exclusives...

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GribbleGrunger1660d ago

Well you would because you're watching Youtube comparisons.

Baka-akaB1660d ago

There arent many valid explanations yet about why it couldnt be both . Dont misunderstand , i still eagerly await Titan and will play it on xb1 rather than on my pc .. but i'm tired of that fake "gameplay over graphics" posturing we see around on forums and in PR interviews .

It's an economics based decision , one we can and will live with just fine , for now .

Utalkin2me1660d ago

Resolution is a huge difference. People are looking at strictly for a pixel standpoint. When in fact it impacts the whole game. You think if they got Titanfall to run 1080p on Xbox1 it would still look the same? They would have to make major trade offs in framerate and textures and such to compensate for the extra resolution.

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DeadRabbits1660d ago ShowReplies(2)
Gamer19821660d ago

You cant tell the difference on a youtube video! Absolutely pointless.. Xbox and titanfall aside playing games on PC for years now there's a massive difference between 720p and 1080p (titanfall might as well be 720p as that's a fake resolution). It's easily visible with a naked eye..

badz1491660d ago

you can actually see the difference on Youtube if the difference in real life is big. just look at IGN's CoD Ghost [retail] comparison on Youtube. the difference is so clear.

gpturbo811660d ago

dont matter if its major or minute. wont stop people from bitchin back and forth about it.