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IGN "The campaign does one thing right, however, and that is to seamlessly integrate me right into the gameplay. There, I feel really at home, and the symbiosis between Pilot and Titan are simply violent. In campaign mode Play only Attrition and Hard Point Domination. The first is a standard team deathmatch where you get points for killing an opponent, while the other is to keep fixed point (A, B, C) on the map as far as possible. Nothing new here really."

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staticdash221591d ago

Good reviews today, but sadly I have to wait two weeks for it to drop on 360.

Kingthrash3601591d ago

this i can handle a 8..seem a lil more on point...the 10/10 scores are click bait. we all know tf isnt a perfect game...its a great game but perfect? no..hell no.

3-4-51591d ago

For me personally, 8/10 = a game you should at least try out, and it's worth playing and most of it was done very well.

8/10 also = Not up in the "best of the best" category, but slightly below those games in terms of fun factor.

An 8/10 game for a lot of people, could end up being their favorite game of all time.

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Toman851591d ago

Do I need Gold for the campaign?

Toman851591d ago

Im not gonna get Titanfall for the multiplayer so I asked if I must have Gold for the campaign?

The game has AI, so I believed the campaign can be played with no Xbox Live Gold. Is that so bad question to ask about, never mind.

air11591d ago

It's a 4 hr campaign! Lmfao...

Do you self a favour.. If you're not buying for multiplayer, don't do it.. You will just end up posting how you hate the game and how badly you was lied to..

greenyboi1591d ago

The campaign is multiplayer so gold is required

Toman851591d ago

Thanks for the reply. Good to get more confirmation about this subject. Have asked around for days now.

shammgod1591d ago

the campaign is boring, if you are going to buy, play the MP.

Broll1590d ago

Sadly yes, you do need gold for campaign. Even campaign mode is online and uses multiplayer to fill out the battlefield. It is basically the multiplayer component with story laid over it and a little bit of scripting, but that's it.

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stuna11591d ago

Really!!! Is it that hard to believe that there are some people who haven't heard of TitanFall? I'm sure there are those who don't even know the next gen of consoles have released! Even as far back as the WII U.

LogicStomper1591d ago

Next-gen as in PS3 or the Xbox 2 right?

Lboogieskells1591d ago

I guess this will be my second X1 title. I play this while I wait for Infamous SS and Ground Zeroes.

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