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The overarching experience of playing Titanfall is one of rejuvenation and reinvigoration. The sprint speed, the arsenal, the game modes, and more are all firmly derived from some of the most successful online shooters of recent years. But by reinventing the way you move, Titanfall reinvents what it feels like to play a competitive shooter. The high-flying action intertwines beautifully with the brutish, tactical titan battles, creating battlefields that crackle with possibility. Titanfall is a leap forward for shooters, a game that combines the vibrant and new with the tried and true to create something special.

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HaveAsandwich1654d ago

someone please talk about the 360 version....

WeAreLegion1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

That's on March 25th. Maybe they don't have it out for review yet.

Edit: Sorry. I edited it before I saw your comment. Lol. Thanks for the reply. Bubble up for being helpful!

akaFullMetal1654d ago

Around March 25th I think.

1654d ago
WeAreLegion1654d ago

A GMC Canyon?!?

Wait a minute, Pamela. You wouldn't be trying to trick me now, would you?

I'm trusting you...

fermcr1654d ago

WOW... even Gamespot loves Titanfall. Congrats to Respawn Entertainment.

killzone6191654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

why would you want to play titanfall on the 360?

The game runs at 500p on the 360...which is a game breaking resolution!

MiloGarret1654d ago

Don't all COD's run at some ridiculous resolution on x360/PS3? They seem to be doing pretty well...

Biggest1654d ago

Resolution doesn't matter. . . etc. . . etc. . . etc. If it's good it's good.

mrpsychoticstalker1654d ago

The 360 version is bound to a great start ad well, i mean mechs and pilots thats awesome.

Atlas incoming.

Gamer19821654d ago

All reviews are PC version nobody mentions xbone.. Weird that and theres not been one little bit about 360 because we all know it looks exactly the same on both consoles thats why. Just like MGS5.

MiloGarret1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

What makes you say that? Besides clearly being very upset over this whole thing. Gamespot's video review is Xbone version, either that or they're playing on a PC with a controller, which would be ridiculous.

Septic1654d ago

WAY too early to tell.

If Destiny meets expactations, expect it to win GOTY. Well, its still too early to tell. Loads of great games coming out this year.

sobotz1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Well, at least it's scores higher than Killzone SF in term of exclusive shooter.

Septic1654d ago


Yeah but that's not exactly saying much though is it?

GrizzliS19871654d ago

game rarely wins GOTY when released in first 4 months of the year.

and no, it wouldnt win goty even if it was a november release

DeadRabbits1654d ago

Having at least one Xbone game in the draw can always encourage hope!

Septic1654d ago Show
BigShotSmoov0071654d ago

Won't go that far with the Witcher, The Order and Dragon Age coming out this year. But easily multiplayer game of the year for sure.

FITgamer1654d ago

Shooter of the year maybe, but no way in hell it'll win GOTY. It's online only shooter, not gonna happen.

sAVAge_bEaST1654d ago

Maybe for Multiplayer experience, Not GOTY. with no single player.

kewlkat0071654d ago

The game has only won major awards way before it was who knows. this is not a game that caught us by surprise. It's been winning awards for a while but there are many other multiplayer shooters coming out this year, I think..

theshredded1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

That's too far my man,based on experience I don't see it enter as a nominee even
imo the top 5 will surely be in no order of the games announced so far:
Halo,The Order 1886,Batman Arkham Knight,some nintendo game and Watch Dogs or Evolve
The WItcher III,Dark SoulsII and every top hardcore game never wins

DC7771654d ago

Since there's about 99 GOTY'S from various different places it just might.

Then again with all those so might Rambo.

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