Gametrailers-Titanfall review

Does this Titan stand tall among the competition or fall in battle? Find out in our review of Titanfall.

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Mikelarry1656d ago

9.3 DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN this is good news and this seems to be mimiced by alot of other sites

hulk_bash19871656d ago

Picked up, pre-loaded and waiting for servers to go online. Damn it. lol

bintarok1656d ago

Wow gratz to PC/Xone gamers, also Respawn & M$.
Well played!

NewMonday1656d ago

average score in Metacritic is starting to slide, almost 8.5

1656d ago
Gamer19821656d ago

I agree the online play is decent it has its faults like other games and is a really fun game to play but with offline missing its like with the new MGS its ripping people off as your getting half a game..

JhawkFootball061656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )


You must be misinformed. There is a campaign, but it's an online campaign. You are certainly not getting "half a game."

FoxHound_1656d ago

Ground Zeroes has nothing to do with Titanfall and comparing the two is preposterous.

mcarsehat1656d ago

that's why the bots are there, they are the fodder that are usually antagonistic within the campaign.

JBallerX1656d ago


The lowest critic score (as of now) is 70 out of Toronto, and it seems his biggest complaint is the price of the game:

"An immensely enjoyable and exquisitely crafted shoot-em-up...Yet Titanfall is also a worrisome product that delivers only a fraction of what competing games – including Call of Duty – do, for the same price tag."

So we are now reviewing the price along with the game? If the game is immensely enjoyable and exquisitely crafted...why in the world is it only a 70? I find that hard to believe.

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kiz26941656d ago

I can see this being a like GTA4 where the reviews sucked in all the hype. Then a month down the line, people were like "wait a minute!".

JeffGUNZ1656d ago

Or maybe it's a good game ?

kiz26941656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Yeah not saying its bad, GTA4 is not a bad game, but the reviews still road with some of the hype a little. IGN gave GTA4 a 10 for gods sake, it wasn't a 10/10 game for sure, even back then.

Spurg1656d ago

Butthurt...this one is butthurt

kiz26941656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

butthurt about what? I will be playing this in about 4 days on PC, check me out on origin ID Kiz2694

[email protected] Oh I see, well its just cos I like KZ as well, might need to change that tho before people prejudge.

raistra1656d ago

Kizz, it might be that people think you're not really trustworthy since you have a killzone avatar. Not stating it's a fact, but it could be a possibility.

3-4-51656d ago

Don't you mean GTA5 ? Most overrated game ever.

Rodney251656d ago

GTA5 was good what do you mean?

Conzul1656d ago

Doesn't change the fact that it was overrated, and the fact that MP was released separately so the game would get 10/10s

Salooh1656d ago

If i want to trust a website in reviews it will be gametrailers. Most of the time they get the score right. That score is reasonable for last gen but this gen needs a better and new system. I would give it a 7/10 for many reasons that i mentioned before.

It's definitely a fun game. Anyone with a good taste would love to play it ^^.

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mrpsychoticstalker1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Best game of a decade!

Brace yourselves, the competition is coming..

Ok, not best game of a decade but surely the birth of a new triple AAA franchise.

Gamer19821656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

LOL what you smoking?? GTA is better and that was last gen. BTW not saying GTA is best game of decade just better than this... There may be something even better yet.. The division or destiny could be it who knows??

gamertk4211656d ago

GTA is so overrated. Every time. It's great fun for about 2 weeks, then I feel the urge to never, ever play it again. Happened with 4 and now 5. I am looking forward to more red dead, tho.

Gamer19821656d ago

A good review for what it is but £50 for an online only fps game which all others are free... I would say is a ripoff.. At least on PC you can get for £25..

UbiquitousClam1656d ago

I you have only been able to find this game for £50, you are not really trying, I got it for xbox one for £39

Gamer19821656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

i'm talking rrp but even so thats still £15 more for half the resolution and lower end graphics.. No thanks.. I'm getting on PC myself as £25 is half price RRP and its half a game so its fair..

Septic1656d ago

"A good review for what it is but £50 for an online only fps game"

Why should single player only games be justified in charging full price but not MP games?? Where's the logic in that

Imalwaysright1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Logic? It is all subjective. Some people may find that paying full price for an online game isn't worth it, some will. The same is true for singleplayer games. I can only speak for myself but plenty times I've waited for a price drop on many singleplayer games because paying full price for them wasn't worth it for me. It depends on how an individual perceives value.

YodaCracker1656d ago

Great review! This looks like the first must-play game of the new generation.

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