Titanfall Review Here is Adam Sessler's Review of Titanfall

Adam Sessler reviews one of the most anticipated games since it was announced back in 2013. Titanfall has been touted as the multiplayer shooter that will change how people approach the genre. Find out what Adam thinks in his video review of Titanfall.

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NewMonday1653d ago

last time Adam Sessler was in in a controlled review event (Killzone:SF) he complained about the integrity of the set-up, what happened to his standards?

4Sh0w1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

lol, so jelly. Adam was praised for all his positive ps3 game reviews now suddenly he doesn't know anything about gaming, predictable sony elite response to a positive xbox game related review.

Game is awesome, sorry that hurts some people's feelings.

xHeavYx1653d ago

Nobody is saying that the game isn't awesome. People are complaining about how biased Adam Sessler can be.
He said he doesn't like games like Titanfall but still gives it a 5/5. He said he didn't like driving games but gave Forza a 5/5... You get the picture

Charybdis1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

He also said something like: I betya something interesting will be happening down in the comments. He does seem to know some people have a disdain for him

1653d ago
Boody-Bandit1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

"He does seem to know some people have a disdain for him"

And it's well deserved because he is a bias hypocrite. He pointed out every miniscule difference in multiplat titles last gen (360 / PS3) but then came out more than once with resolution doesn't matter this generation. That in itself painted him a well deserved bias journalist with a skewed viewpoint in favor of MS, period.

On topic:
I should receive my copy from Gamefly tomorrow. I'm hoping the final version is significantly better than the beta when it comes to the frame rate. But I rented it at first because I wasn't a fan of bot farming. I have a feeling it will get old with me in a couple weeks tops.

Hopefully I'm wrong but I doubt it. At least for me. Just my opinion / personal preference. I prefer multiplayer team matches to be against all human opponents. I can just see everyone mad dash rushing pods being dropped with grunts just so they can farm points.

I have been known to be wrong on occasion. Maybe this will be one of those times. Although I did play the beta extensively. Oh but one thing I will say extremely positive about TitanFall. The map design is excellent. I am really looking forward to seeing the other maps.

4Sh0w1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Heavy that makes no sense, just because you don't like something does NOT mean it has poor quality. The fact that he can put aside his personal feelings and still not only rate a game based on its own merits but also state why he enjoyed something he usually doesn't ONLY demonstrates him being professional enough to do his job.

No doubt extremely loyal fans like yourself can't fathom what it means to be "open minded". I guess you also believe anyone who doesn't like rpgs, ps4, X1, iPhones, BMW's, etc, etc must not be able to compliment them for what they are regardless of personal taste. Damm, do you even think for 1 second about what you're saying before you write it?, your whole post screams "tunnel vision" with a huge side of jelly. lol

xHeavYx1653d ago

Who said anything about not liking the game?
You talk about not getting feelings involved, but get very touchy if someone doesn't agree with your opinion.
You talk about being open minded and me having "tunnel vision" when it's clear that you are an Xbox fanboy doing exactly what you blame me for(and there is nothing wrong with being a fanboy, just don't go calling people out for stuff you do)

JeffGUNZ1653d ago

@ hevay

wait, how is he being a fanboy?!

MysticStrummer1653d ago

"He pointed out every miniscule difference in multiplat titles last gen (360 / PS3) but then came out more than once with resolution doesn't matter this generation."

It's actually even worse than that.

He specifically said 1080p should be the standard this gen, until it became apparent that XB1 wouldn't always be hitting that mark. He changed his tune at that point.

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Resistance_lord1653d ago

I Don't Trust Adam Sessler when it comes to Anything Microsoft Related.

Gamer19821653d ago

I love his shows but his reviews have been biased lately. He played forza claiming he dislikes driving games and gave it a 5/5 and the same with this game saying he dislikes shooters yet gives 5/5. Even though he points out dislikes.. No perfect game should have dislikes yet gives a perfect score.. 4.5/5 makes more sense.. I love the guy and what he talks about but his reviews astound me sometimes..

Vames1653d ago

Disliking a genre doesn't mean one's mind cannot be changed. Adam doesn't like FPS, but he likes Titanfall, he said that himself.


Th game is fun and it is very accessible for FPS noobs. So to see Adam saying he likes a game that he would generally hate proves that anyone can pick up Titanfall and enjoy it.

The same can be said for Forza.

jb2271653d ago

Totally agree...not sure why you are getting any disagrees for this because it's common sense...a 5/5 is a perfect score, meaning it should be as close to flawless as games get. I totally agree that Sessler is great and he's easily one of the most well spoken journalists in gaming bar none, but this is kinda backwards to me. Perfect games should be technical achievements as well, bugs & glitches, low framerates and some of the other things that these reviews mention only to quickly sweep under the rug should be taken into account.

nukeitall1653d ago

Personal dislike for a genre doesn't mean one cannot recognize greatness. In fact, I expect a journalist that reviews a game to put aside his personal feelings towards a genre, stay unbiased and review the game based on the game!

You are asking for biased reviews from people that enjoy the genre only. That would be highly counter productive and go against journalism!

sAVAge_bEaST1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Yet some review sites (Giant Bomb) or holding out, till servers go live. Yet Sessler goes all in , with a 5/5.

(Even with reported single digit frame-rate drops, <frame rate is king>)

-Bought and Paid-

SpiralTear1653d ago

I do think that a game so focused on online multiplayer should be given judgment when out in the field instead of in a controlled environment.

Last time I remember when people jumped the gun like that was SimCity, and we all know how that turned out when let loose on the public...

Infernostew1653d ago

*tinfoil hat on* Ada M$ essler *tinfoil hat off*

3-4-51653d ago


having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

Adam Sessler, Do you honestly believe this game to be perfect, because you have scored it as such?

JeffGUNZ1653d ago

I don't get your question to him. He thinks it's a 5/5, what's the big deal? It's HIS opinion, one man, relax. To quote the dictionary is a little sad.

Ducky1653d ago

You must have started gaming very recently if you think a 5/5 means a game is perfect.

WolfLeBlack1652d ago

He never claimed the game was perfect, nor does a score of 5 reflect a perfect game, it's merely the highest score he can award to it.

ALLWRONG1653d ago

Too bad for you Sony fans it's not just Adam giving Titanfall glowing reviews. Your "Adam Sessler is paid by MS" rants wont work when the rest of the world loves the game.

Nice try though. Maybe Maria can find another 8.2 for you.

porkChop1653d ago

Adam Sessler always nitpicks and finds things to complain about when it's Sony. He's always been that way, but these days his Xbox fanboyism is getting to a very unprofessional degree.

Magicite1653d ago

@[email protected] $e$$l€r. You see what I did there.

Back-to-Back1653d ago

now the xbox fanboys will love Sessler.

Just watch.

solar1653d ago

Sessler gave KZ2 a 5/5 and people still bitched at him. i found Titanfall pretty boring after about an hour of playing during the beta. but to each his own.

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mrpsychoticstalker1653d ago

Finally we agree on something Sessler!

UbiquitousClam1653d ago

I bet PONYS will enjoy this review more than others :)

WeAreLegion1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Good review. Though I can't help but notice reviewers are touting the vertical game play as a new experience.

Still, Titanfall is awesome. Reviews are in and they're great!

Edit: That's on the reviewers though. It may not be innovative, but it's still very fun! Battlefield 2 created the leveling system in the FPS genre, but that didn't make Modern Warfare any less incredible. :)

Gamer19821653d ago

Agreed nothings new about the game its battlefield 2142 meets tribes.. But lets ignore that and pretend its all brand new and they "invented" it. Because that makes better reviews.

Septic1653d ago

Oh whatever.

Its battlefield meets tribes.

Its COD with mechs.

Its Brink with COD.

I'll tell you what it is. It's Titanfall and it is looking like it will be a great game . Deal with it.

iceman061653d ago

@Septic...what's wrong with those combinations that you listed? Aside from the disappointing Brink, the rest of those games are pretty successful in their own rights. I understand that TitanFall is it's own entity. But, there will always be comparisons to something that is established. It could do a LOT worse than be compared to the sales success of Cod, the open atmosphere of Battlefield, and the awesome vertical gameplay of Tribes.

ChozenWoan1653d ago

Lets get it right...
... it's Warhawk with differnt assests and lvling system.

RiPPn1653d ago

Only a couple more days and titanfall4g can return to n4g, cannot wait.

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