Everything About Titanfall Is Gigantic, But It Left Us Wanting More | Globe And Mail

For anyone holding out for a true next-generation first-person shooter, the wait is over: Titanfall has arrived and it makes good on its promise to advance the genre. That’s good news, but also bad.

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badboy7761536d ago

I'll pass and wait for Destiny.

zerogotit1536d ago

Ill buy & wait for Destiny.

Dudebro901536d ago

Do you really have to post your little destiny response on every titanfall review?

Its not funny.

MysticStrummer1536d ago

Can you only buy one game a year or something? It's not like Destiny and Titanfall are very similar.

stuna11536d ago

Yeah because it's a crime when someone doesn't feel the same about the game or isn't gushing fluids everywhere./s

I'm sure TitanFall will have a nice following, the question is will it have lasting staying power?

u got owned1536d ago

Finally a review that will make the featured section.

stuna11536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I got you good catch! I thought it was just me. Wonder if they'll show up on MetaCritic? A 7 is not a bad score either way.


I wasn't talking about this particular review.

jonatan2211536d ago

It's already on metacritic!

DeadRabbits1536d ago

Probably a disappointed Xbone owner!

bleedsoe9mm1536d ago

i think that review was written before the game was played just didn't like the whole concept

badz1491536d ago

"...before the game was played..."

you do know that there are people out there that already "prestiged" the game, right?

mochachino1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

He remarked on how he liked the gameplay just that it and the gameplay modes lacked depth. Only 3 modes and the the gameplay in most matches is grind with the pilot to get the titan then repeat.

He's also remarked on the precedent it sets, a sort of half game, with only 3 modes at full price. I agree that there is a disturbing trend emerging this gen, look at MGS.

Essentially, good gameplay but a bit of a shallow experience.

I still think the game looks cool.

bleedsoe9mm1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

@badz149 i meant they were reviewing based on a game principle that they didn't like to begin with , which is fine not all game genres appeal to all people , i wouldn't want to review a JRPG since i dislike the concept .

@mochachino a shallow experience that people will play for 100's of hours , seems like a silly expectation to me

BlackTar1871536d ago

Dude a 7 isn't a bad score.

Some of the games I found gems in the past(ps1 & xbox 1 days) were 7's.

I still remember reading about Tenchu 1, and getting 7's and 6's and it being one of the best ps1 games i ever played. Same with BattleStations Midway, on 360 people didn't really give it above a 7 anywhere and even still meta is at 7.1 or something. My point is a 7 isn't a bad score and that people have different tastes.

If i would have thought a 7 was bad and somehow not played the 2 games I mentioned i would have done myself a huge disservice.

gamer20131536d ago

Yeah, 7 isn't a bad score unless it's a PlayStation exclusive.

jasonc12131536d ago

Globe and Mail gave Dead Rising 3 a 10/10, Thief an 8/10 and Knack a 7/10. Most critics seem to agree that Titanfall is not a 7/10 game. This site has an opinion that seems to deviate wildly from the average.

1536d ago
PONTIAC08G8GT1536d ago

Whats funny is NO ONE comments on the 9/10, 10/10, 4.5/5.0....only when 1 or 2 scores are below the average does everyone come out of the wood work and say "see? the game was over hyped and it's not good." They completely dismiss all the good reviews.

MysticStrummer1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

"7/10? PS4 fanboy?"

Yeah because if you don't love every game you must be a fanboy…


Not everyone likes online multiplayer.

Not everyone likes CoD style gameplay.

Not everyone likes shooters.

Not every shooter fan likes sci fi shooters.

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Legacy2121536d ago

lets ignore all the 9's cuz globe and mail gave it 7?

MysticStrummer1536d ago

Only one review said XB1's Thief framerate was better than PS4's, but some people here sure seized on that.

Legacy2121536d ago

True but didn't digital foundry say thief ran better on xnox due to better textures

MysticStrummer1536d ago

Not sure. If so, that's also something other reviews didn't say.

Legacy2121536d ago

If you're committed to buying for one next-gen platform or another, the superior texture filtering on Xbox One means it carries itself slightly better in the visual stakes - but frame-pacing aside, for the most part all three versions match up very closely indeed.

Bolts-N-Rays11091536d ago

Always gotta be one outlier.

ThichQuangDuck1536d ago

I am sorry everyone should give the game an 9 to reinforce your purchase even though you just look at the numbers and don't read the review anyway.

Bolts-N-Rays11091536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I did read the review, but it doesn't change my point that there's always one outlier. You know, one review that is off from the majority of the other reviews.


I'm purely looking at this in a statistical way. I don't care what this person from Globe and Mail has to say, cause it's not going to change my opinion on the game. Just rounding up stats on the average review score. Also, you sound bitter. Hoping this game would fail?

ThichQuangDuck1536d ago

@Bolts N Rays

So you mean there is always one person that thinks for themselves rather than the commercialized hype of the press and gaming community?

Septic1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Ah but Polygon weren't thinking for themselves yeah? Hmmm....

I've never heard of Globe and Mail before. Frankly, I'm surprised they are on Metacritic. Anyway, I'm not dismissing their review but I think everyone should think that MAYBE, just MAYBE this is done for the hits?

Its a bit too early to tell but lets see when the review scores are fleshed out.

n4rc1536d ago


Awesome game.. But only gets a 7/10 simply because there's no single player..

That's what I got from that review

badz1491536d ago

the game does cost a full $60 and it's MP only. so I think it's a valid point.

PONTIAC08G8GT1536d ago

But spending $60 on a crappy single player experience like COD or BF is worth it? Those games are essentially MP with a half-a$$ campaign. Also, the game ships with 15 MP maps which is generally more than most single player games with MP ship with. For $60, your getting your monies worth.

Anon19741536d ago

@PONTIAC08G8GT. You're missing the point. $60 for a first person shooter these days generally get's you a good MP, a serviceable SP, an offline mode, a split-screen option and 10-15 multiplayer maps with 5-10 different gameplay modes.

That's the standard for FPS games these days. While you might bash BF or COD for "half-a$$" campaigns, most reviewers and gamers think their campaign's are pretty damn entertaining.

Titanfall has this incredible, detailed and interesting world where it could tell an awesome story and doesn't even attempt it. How can any reviewer overlook what this game is missing compared to what it's up against? Thankfully, we have one reviewer here brave enough to say what so many of us have been worried about all along. "Well, this is great. Where's the rest of it?"

Do you honestly believe that what Titanfall does with it's multiplayer is so outstanding and new that it makes up for everything it's lacking relative to other games in the genre? If so, feel free to elaborate as to why. Starhawk was beaten up almost exclusively for it's short, mediocre single player. In most Titanfall reviews, the complete lack of SP is hardly given a thought. This doesn't strike you as a bit off?

u got owned1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )


So what about gamse which are only SP... Is a $60 dollars price point ok?

badz1491536d ago


I don't know, but back then, games started as SP only and then MP component was introduced and games cost a lot more back then than they are now, right? let's ask Nintendo why Wii U games without online MP cost full price.

u got owned1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

@ badz149

So what do you think about Infamous Second Son and The Order? Are you gonna complain when they charge you $60.00 for them?

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Anon19741536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

That was my concern going into this game as single player, no deal, at least not at full price. When you compare Titanfall to other games of this genre, it comes up short in terms of what's offered.

Games in this genre usually have splitscreen so you can take it offline and play with a friend. Not so here..there's no offline mode to speak of. Other FPS games have co-op campaigns and missions you can play offline..again with splitscreen. Completely absent here. And then there's the glaring lack of any single player campaign to speak of, a huge omission when you consider the story they could have told in this universe they created. Every other shooter out there this is in competition with has it. Titanfall doesn't.

When you compare what's offered here, I'm sure it's an enjoyable experience for what it does offer, but it just comes up short when you compare the offering to the competition out there, according to this review. That's a fair assessment and why I'm going to be skipping this game.

Titanfall just seems like a missed opportunity to me. You can't tell me this game wouldn't be better with a strong, Single Player campaign to expand this universe, or just any kind of offline play. Any reviewer worth his salt needs to be honest and address what's lacking here compared to it's competition. And as it's online only, let's be honest, if the servers aren't up to snuff tomorrow there's going to be a helluva lot of pissed off people staring at a shiny, new coaster. These games are only as good as their servers which is why, unless it's budget priced, I simply won't touch multiplayer only games.

If anyone thinks that Titanfall shouldn't be compared to other games in this genre and think that it's obvious shortcomings should be overlooked, I'd love to hear your thoughts as to why this game should get a pass.

PONTIAC08G8GT1536d ago

Can we please stop the single player argument? People will try to find any reason to knock this game. No one complains about BF or COD and their 6 hour campaign which is a joke. How about the games that are $60 and have no online?

badz1491536d ago


"No one complains about BF or COD and their 6 hour campaign which is a joke."

are you SERIOUS? you're new to the internet or something? people complain about CoD's and BF's campaigns ALL THE TIME, at least here on N4G. I know you love Titanfall and feel the need to defend it no matter what but no need to spread lies.

texasripper1536d ago

multiplayer games can be played for 100's of hours if they are good. single player games are the games that should be cheaper

Anon19741536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Indeed. I don't know what reviews PONTIAC08G8GT has been looking at but the main reason BF and COD are docked marks in their reviews is almost exclusively due to shortcomings in their Single Player campaigns, even when they're still considered enjoyable.

When you're reviewing a game any reputable reviewer is going to consider how the game stacks up against other games in the same genre. How does it compare, what does it offer, how many modes, how many maps, how long is the single player, how enjoyable is the single player, how does the multiplayer stack up, does it offer splitscreen, how is it's offline, multiplayer component?

How does the game stack up as a whole package to other games in the genre? That's what this reviewer clearly did, and it left him wanting more. He played what was there, he gave his score, he justified why he docked points and his criticisms are valid.

What I don't understand is how all these other sites are letting it slide while they hammer other games for shortcomings they see in the single player modes of FPS games. When a reviewer docks marks for single player in other games, do you honestly read that and think "What does that matter? FPS's shouldn't have single player campaigns at all." Yet you're willing to look the other way when a game like this just doesn't even try?

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