Titanfall Review in Progress - IGN

IGN: Editor’s Note: These review impressions were formed at a private two-day EA event, exclusively on Xbox One. Due to insufficient play time on public servers, IGN have decided to withhold our final judgment until we can play under real-world circumstances. Look for our final review and scores for both the Xbox One and PC versions – complete with any updated impressions – in the coming days. The Xbox 360 version will be reviewed closer to its March 25 release date.

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mewhy321561d ago

Well this should be interesting.

1561d ago
dedicatedtogamers1561d ago

A private 2-day event! Boy oh boy! That surely won't skew any scores, no sir.

WeAreLegion1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

Why can't we drop WITH the titans?

Edit: YOU CAN?!? That's awesome!

lonewolfjedi1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

So wait all of the reviews are coming from a pre release controlled event? oh boy! this should be interesting.

Sevir1561d ago

Much the same way Battlefield 4's reviews were controlled at a 3 day event by EA. Should be interesting, but it seems the general consensus is that it's a good game with some flaws... The lowest score is in the 70s and the highest is a perfect 10, with an equal balance of 80%s-90%s in between... Not bad for this game...

gameslayer24111561d ago

I can't wait to hear everyone complaining about the reviewers that give it below a 9-10, I don't get's an opinionated score...don't let someone else determine if you will enjoy a game or not!

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