GamesBeat: Titanfall: Worthy of the good — and bad — hype (review)

For a multiplayer-only game, Titanfall should have some amazing options and ways to play. But it doesn’t. It has a very healthy number of maps (15), but the lack of interesting new modes will make you feel shortchanged for not getting a single-player campaign. Hell, even shooters like Halo 2 from two console generations ago offer more in the multiplayer-options department. A lot more. It all feels like a temporary stop for Respawn on the way to Titanfall 2.

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Tolkoto1448d ago

Honestly, the lack of variety in modes probably won't bother me. I'm the kind of guy who usually finds one mode he likes and sticks with it, like Payload in TF2 or team deathmatch in CoD.

wita1448d ago

Strangely, I want to play this. And I don't really play these types of games that much.

badboy7761448d ago

I'll pass and wait for Destiny.

Nero13141448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

You don't have a platform to play it on so you got to pass on it

badz1491448d ago


like seriously? there are estimated of like 50mil working 360 out there and god knows how many PCs and laptops where the game will also be available on and your argument is "You don't have a platform to play it on"?

again, seriously?

NagaSotuva1448d ago

Hopefully Respawn will add more features in future updates or DLC.

I'm getting Titanfall with the Xbox One bundle, so it's not bad for a freebie.

badz1491448d ago

can't argue with a freebie! :-) enjoy!

hulk_bash19871448d ago

Got it at Midnight Launch and got as far as installing it on my PC. Sadly the servers aren't up yet.

WeAreLegion1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Lowest score I've seen. Pretty good reviews, so far.

Sounds like the campaign is more like Unreal Tournament III or Battlefield 2 than anything. Straight-up tutorial. I hope to see more story from these guys. COD 1, 2, MW, and MW2 had such great stories!

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The story is too old to be commented.