HD Re-releases: Difficulty of Making Something Old New Again

The death of reliable backwards compatibility has enabled both companies to outsource high-definition ports of games that audiences still want to experience, even if they don’t have easy access to the hardware needed to do so.

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hkgamer1652d ago

was easily one of the problems I saw a few years back.

It was obvious that PS3 games were not going to work for PS4. Ws surprised about 360 not working for Xbone though, but lets not get into that.

Anyway, the obvious way for this to work and be future proof is via emulation. Look at PCSX2 or dolphin.

However, that probably doesn't allow devs/publisher to get as much money. Compare PS2 digital classics to HD remaster. Also with emulation, its not garuanteed that all games will run smoothly. 360 was emulating old Xbox games but only had a limited amount of titles available and clearly they were rinsing alot of money.