Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is: The Online Money Match

GamerzUnite takes a look at the recently added titles to Virgin Gaming and the plausibility of earning a living from playing games online. Is this the next online poker?

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Mr_cheese1561d ago

I know this article is talking about the benefits of being able to stream gameplay but imagine if real money betting was implemented into games as an official feature, it could easily get out of control. I know for a fact I would throw some money into the ring, and I bet people would take team death matches more seriously.

Gambling is very addictive though, and if that was combined with some of my favourite online games, I would be screwed.

GSKerns1560d ago

yeah thankfully Virgin has a $1,000 max bet limit and you have to be 18 to use the service.... but considering the billions made from online poker, the potential of this getting big is definitely there.