Input 'the Next Big Obstacle for VR' - Oculus Founder

VRFocus - Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey has branded user input as ‘the next big obstatcle’ for virtual reality (VR) development. Speaking at a panel at the South By South West (SXSW) Gaming festival, Luckey noted that the Oculus Rift maker is ‘doing a lot of work’ towards providing an input solution for VR.

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000011659d ago

more like who wants wear something big and bulky on their face. just another gimmick. let me know when they develop a holo-deck like in Star Trek. that's what kind of VR everyone wants, not goggles with a screen.

papashango1659d ago

you can sit there and pout like the 8 year old you sound like.

people will be enjoying Rift without you

000011659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

i never said it wasnt fun, wii sports with the wiimote was fun. but look how revolutionary the wiimote turned out to be. all that did was spawn the ps move and kinect, which are gimmicks. the wiimote did not create anything of any actual substance to transform gaming. this is not going to be something that goes mainstream. its a niche device for pc gamers at best. your full of it if you actually think youll see families sitting around the house with those goggles on watching movies or playing games. its a gimmick, a very high tech and cool gimmick at that, but not the next thing in gaming.

Dfooster1659d ago

@blue_flowers I've never expierienced VR or as you put it having a screen strapped to my face but I have read and heard how wowed people were who had, and explained what the sensation was like whilst using one and it has me intriqued enough as to wanting to give it a go myself.

I may end up disappointed or I may think its the future of gaming. Either way I will reserve judgement until I've TRIED it.

P.S. Good luck waiting for the holodeck.

000011659d ago

yeah let me know how wearing goggles on your head turns out to be. spending a few hundred dollars on "VR" is wasting money on a gimmick. i dont need to try anything to know its shit. ive lived through the virtual boy, power glove, arcade games, and the promise of motion controlled and 3D gaming. this will be nothing more than another failed expensive gimmick. but by all means throw your money at something just to say you've "tried it".

Coach_McGuirk1659d ago

lol this guy's gonna get left in the dust. he's probably one of the ones still moaning about the lack of local multiplayer in games today as well.