Sony And EA Want 'PlayStation 5' Release Five Years From Now

Jon of RGN writes, "This generation might be less about entertaining you for another decade and more about packing a punch for what consumers are considering a high asking price to engage in next-generation console gaming."

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Majin-vegeta1593d ago

As long as Sony brings me games liek the PS2 era.I'm a happy camper.

Mikelarry1593d ago

right now im like what five years.... nah i dont want one untill i have enjoyed all there is on my ps4 but i bet when they do announce it i will be one of the first to preorder

JoGam1593d ago

Sony and EA wants Playstation 5 Release Five Years from now. But then you call this a "Opinion Piece". Should be I want a Playstation 5 five years from now.

TrueJerseyDevil1593d ago

Hahaha what a joke. I hope this isn't true

Hitman07691593d ago

It is. Take a look at the sourced information. The opinion is the part of the piece that discusses why it's not a bad thing but clearly you are of the camp of fearing change my good friend JoGam.

Take a look at the entire thing in a rational, calm manner and maybe you'll feel differently instead of frantically searching for reasons to hate and dismiss information that is beneficial to you.

Iltapalanyymi1593d ago

I would not mind. But thats a bit soon. 6 or 7 years would be better imo.

WeAreLegion1593d ago

Sony didn't say five years. Fergal Gara ("Fegral", as misspelled in the source interview) just says it might be shorter than PS3's life cycle, going by current trends.

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