Watch_Dogs On PS4: GIF Comparison Shows Significant Downgrade Never Happened

Judge the difference in Ubisoft's open world hacking adventure for yourself.

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Majin-vegeta1262d ago

I understand everyone frustration after the trailer.But I'm gonna wait until release date to make my judgement.Before wanting to tear Ubi a new one.

brich2331262d ago

It will still look good regardless. But remember, it will look best on PC with a super high end video card like the one used for the e3 demos.

Shane Kim1262d ago

It will also take a huge chunck out of your wallet couse one of those cards are as expensive as a PS4.

White-Knight1262d ago

I want to know which version we saw in that trailer.

Sevir1262d ago

It's hard to say... I don't notice a difference compared to the one we saw back in June last year, what I do know is that due to time of day dynamic lights and weather conditions, the game has taken on different looks... Visually it's still stunning, the Console to console comparison are still the same... Remember their was a backlash of a sort last year when Ubisoft released footage with Aisha Tyler and many screamed downgrade.

The game looks Fine, From PC to PS4 there's a difference, but what we have been shown here is the PS4 version and it looks great!

webeblazing1262d ago

And if I already have one means I would have to buy a new card??? People try so hard to downplay that PC has the better version. Now matter what game come out people act like you have to build a PC every time a game come out

lsujester1262d ago

I honestly don't get the hate for this. The graphics are good, but not mind-blowing, and it still looks like a fun game.

I get that Ubi put out a trailer that was absolutely gorgeous, and then the near-final game didn't (couldn't with these consoles) live up to that. But if someone is so hung up on the graphics, then maybe they should find a new hobby, because they're not here to actually enjoy games.

Shane Kim1262d ago

Well the initial cost for a good PC rig here in Europe is huge. You live in US were electronics are cheap, but here in EU a high end rig will cost you 2000-2500 USD. Even the PS4 is kinda expencive. I got mine for 3800SEK wich would be 595USD.

Dee_911262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

What a dumb article... They just showed random gifs and said "see, it looks the same... see, it looks the same"
When it clearly doesn't..I know that weather and different times of day will make the game look different, however things like how reflective the cars are explosions, how alive the city looks and random visual features doesn't change with time and weather ( reflections do but we got day time videos from 2012 and 2013 that show cars with great reflections that are absent in the 2014 trailer)
I am getting the game regardless.. but don't try to downplay this downgrade.

starchild1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

@ dmarc

Believe me, if I really saw evidence of a downgrade I would say so. But I don't.

The things you give as examples of a downgrade simply aren't accurate. The cars in the trailer still have all the specularity maps and real time reflections as they did before. I also see no reduction in the quality of the alpha effects and explosions.

The number of pedestrians varies from place to place so you cannot get an accurate comparison there. I saw plenty of pedestrians in some parts of the trailer in any case.

When more gameplay footage is shown I think a lot of you are going to realize what I am saying is true.

@ Shane Kim

Yeah and that is why PC gaming is so big in Europe right? Some of you absurdly over-exagerate the cost of PC gaming. You can get a very capable gaming PC for not too much more than the cost of one of the next gen consoles.

brich2331262d ago

Yes it will cost more, but people want to be graphics whores out of nowhere and expect pc quality graphics. Its just not going to happen, these consoles are weak with weak CPUs. These companies are advertising thier games to us with High end GPUs also. The graphics are still good,the game looks quite boring though.

Wizard_King1262d ago

>Already has a awesome PC to begin with.

>Spends the cost of a "next gen" (lol) console on a new high end GPU.

>Laughs every day at the retarded comments on this site

Going through other stories here it shows how bias you people are, Titanfall confirmed 792p, kill it with fire. Watchdogs downgraded on PS4, no-one can tell the difference.

I can see a very significant difference, but then again this is Ubi and they have always been kings among the BS spinners. It was just an early build that the realized they could not make happen on all platforms, lets face it the PS4 is good but not nearly as good as a 780ti (equivalent cost in Australia)

BattleAxe1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Instead of a buying a PS4, I bought a GTX 780 because I want the best experience I can get with the games I choose to play over the next 5 or 6 years. Watch_Dogs is going to look like a PS5 game on my PC, I just can't wait.

It's also really nice that I can play enhanced versions of last generation games like GTA4, Bad Company 2, Metro 2033, Battlefield 3, Rainbow Six Vegas and many others at max PC settings with my new power house. Owning a GTX 780 is an experience that most console only gamers just can't comprehend. My GTX 260 has been great since purchasing it in 2009, but my GTX 780 is a whole new experience.

Wizard_King1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


They all think we are buying new PC's every time a good game lands.

If anything we just update GPU's every 3-4 years.

Seeing as decent i7 CPU from last years or 2 or 3 years ago leaves the XB1 and PS4 CPUs in the dust there is no need to upgrade any other components other than GPU and that's for new PC games not anything on consoles, consoles games will not push PC's this generation much as they didn't last gen either.

So far this gen we have one decent gaming console, one very weak and so far disappointing console. The mustard race remains where it always has been.

People want to talk about revolutionary things in gaming all the time. nVidia Shadowplay, it captures 1080/60 gaming with as little as a 2% hit on the CPU/GPU. Where is AMD's mantle? I am still waiting for the secret sauce. Real revolutionary things are going on in PC gaming. the Oculus Rift also says hello.

raymantalk11262d ago


i could'nt give a toss about the pc version i buy a console for console games got fedup of up grading my pc every 6 months just so the games would run at max and even if the pc version looks better the ps4 controller makes playing the games on console way better than my pc

abstractel1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Do you guys see any of this hoopla going on in any other games? Look at all other games and there's not downgrade talk. People called Watch Dogs out as a downgrade because they see it.

When Ubisoft showed off the game in February a year ago, they made a promise of how it would look. Killzone looked better at release than at the February event because it was only using 4GB of memory at the February event.

I game on PC a lot, but you can't compare apples to oranges. When you optimize a game for a specific set of hardware you can get much more out of it than you can when you release a game meant to run on a whole range of hardware. On consoles you can do very low-level code optimizations, which is why they are able to have such a long life span. You are going to have to have the latest, most expensive rig to get games that look better than PS4 games at the moment. Next year or two years this will change and the PC will go further. But PS4 exclusives will still compete for a few years.

Ubisoft _f'd_ up. They also changed the look of Aiden's face which personally bugs the shit out of me. He looked really cool before and now he looks generic.

(Btw, I have worked in the games industry for over 16 years -- I have a professional understanding of what I am talking about)

mewhy321262d ago

what is the resolution? I read that the fps was a vsynced 30fps but I didn't see the resolution?

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SilentNegotiator1262d ago

The only difference I see is the lighting.

Jughead34161262d ago

Looks like the brightness is turned way up or something. But remember the Aisha Tyler gameplay video that looked even worse than the current trailer?

-Foxtrot1262d ago

Here we go....journalists now defending the game in hope for free goodies and stuff to stay in Ubisofts good books

KonsoruMasuta1262d ago

Or you know... they actually don't see the downgrade. Not everything is a conspiracy.

-Foxtrot1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

If you actually can't see the downgrades graphics AND gameplay then you need your eyes checked. To say there isn't is just them licking their arses.

Hey but if you don't want the best for gamers in general then fair enough

SnotyTheRocket1262d ago

Name off the downgrades from June 2013 to now please. The game is almost never shown with the same lighting or rain effects. Then the November gameplay. It looks the same as the new stuff in the Story Trailer, and don't bring up the damn "Car Jumping off a Bridge" GIF, that was taken from a super high-end PC in 2012, and the PS4 gameplay in that GIF isn't even raining, so it's not comparable.

linkenski1262d ago

I read a preview in my local Gamemag from this month and they said they were disappointed to see their demo-build look significantly worse than the initial trailers, so it's totally true.

extermin8or1262d ago

no ones saying it looks worse than the initial showing (which had a disclaimer saying it was a proof of concept thing at the time)but that it hasn't been downgraded since they showed it off for the consoles, which people are saying it has. Tbh you're a moron if you thought you were going to get the e3 trailer graphics without a very very expensive pc....

amnalehu1262d ago

I just keep coming back to Ubisoft's AC4. In my opinion, that game is one of the best looking games on current gen systems, as well as a lot of fun. For the life of me, I can't imagine why anyone would think Watchdogs, being released over 6 months after AC4 will be less visually impressive than AC4. As long as I can see it in 1080p on my 1080p tv, I will be fine with it from a purely graphics standpoint.

starchild1262d ago

I agree with you, AC4 is easily one of the best looking games ever. In fact, maxed out on my PC I would say it is in the top 3 best looking games, period. It looks that good. The only games that might look better are The Witcher 2 and Crysis 3.

But nearly all Ubisoft games have looked amazing over the years. From the Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell games of the 6th generation to the Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and Splinter Cell games of the 7th and 8th generations, these have been some of the best looking games of their time.

I have no doubt that Watch Dogs will be an amazing looking game as well.

muttsurini1262d ago

The major downgrade I saw was the driving scene, it looks like a sleeping dogs game when driving.

3-4-51262d ago

For me, it's not the graphics.

The gameplay doesn't look all that interesting or different compared to what I've played over the past 6-8 years in video games.

Anybody else thinking this, or am I in the minority here ?

parentoftheyear1262d ago

I'm excited to play this game more than any new Ip i have been excited about in a LONG time, I would play it though a potato.

Edsword1262d ago

Agreed, people need to stop overreacting to this. Most of the comparisons I have seen have been apples to oranges with different times of day and low res videos. I'm not saying no downgrade took place, but it might not be as significant as what some are making it out to be. This gen has been frought with so much crap over graphics, while I'm not in the graphics don't matter camp, I do believe that gMers are getting way to carried away this gen with all of this. I like good games, graphics make up some portion of that but the games need to be looked at holistically. Whiny gAmers are killing the industry demanding that every game have AAA graphics. All this is really doing is causing devs to focus on graphics more than they should for the budget they have. Focus should be in this order, gameplay, story, innovative features, graphics and sound.

listenkids1262d ago

Don't be so cool headed, this isn't the place.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1262d ago

looks fine to me