Tomorrow's 'Titanfall' Launch Will Be The Most Important Day For Xbox One Yet

We’ve played the beta, we’ve had system updates, and we’ve had controller tweaks, and now, Titanfall is almost here. Respawn Entertainment’s online mech shooter drops on Xbox One tomorrow, and there’s more at stake than just the broader FPS landscape in 2014. This is the first major release of the current console generation — one that Microsoft has been touting as one of the most important features of the Xbox One launch for months now. Microsoft is all in on this one. It has to be big.

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badz1491660d ago

yeah, but "most important" day? the launch of the console itself was not? and the game is not even exclusive to the Xbone to begin with too. okay...

DeathOfTheFanBoy1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

But lot's of people are looking to step away from PS3/360 and get new hardware, and some of those people prefer to game on consoles and find PC a put-off...

This will help sell xb1

It's a big day for MS whichever way you spin it.

1660d ago
2cents1660d ago

I for one, wish MS the best of success with the launch.

Respawn need this to validate their status as a AAA Developer. MS needs this to validate their investments in the cloud infrastructure.

Looking forward to this one!

DeadRabbits1660d ago

Think I will dust of the 360 for this one!

xDHAV0K24x1660d ago

If thats where ur friends all are, it's a no brainer

ThichQuangDuck1660d ago

I hope the Bots studied for the biggest test of their life in the Cloud

kewlkat0071660d ago

The bots have no chance..PC gamers will eat them for lunch.

GW2121660d ago

No one at MS will sleep well tonight.

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