A closer look at Titanfall's not-so-secret weapon: Microsoft's cloud

While you were busy running along walls and throwing missiles back at your opponents during the Titanfall beta, countless data centers across the world were making sure that each AI-controlled Titan bodyguard had your back. Much of the frenetic action in Respawn Entertainment's debut game rests on one thing: Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure.

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NewMonday1443d ago

from videos we see the AI bots just rune around aimlessly and are useless when controlling Titans, this guy must have been playing a different game.

ArchangelMike1443d ago

Y'know. Shame that 'cloud' can't render the game at even 900p. So it's gotta run on the same resolution as the 360. So much for cloud power aye!?

FITgamer1443d ago

Vince Zampella already said the only difference between Microsoft's Azure cloud and standard dedicated servers is that they didn't have to pay to use them.

ramiuk11443d ago

thats the power of the cloud? free dedicated servers?
i thought they was like having another 3 xbones in the sky

DeadlyFire1443d ago

There is always a cost. Unless it uses some decentralized peer to peer networking as well.

Skate-AK1443d ago

You got a link? Not that I don't believe you. Just want some proof for when fanboys say the cloud makes Xbone more powerfull.

Volkama1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

The AI grunts are stupid, can't say I ever noticed any problem with the AI-controlled Titans though. But the quality of the AI isn't the point, it's not meant to be a showcase for the intelligence that can be achieved with cloud processing. Granted that's how Engadget are presenting it, but the AI are nothing beyond what you'd see on a dedicated server and afaik don't use more resource than that.

Titanfall is a showcase for good hosting. Azure takes down the barriers of cost and resource planning, and enables a studio to provide dedicated servers in whatever quantity and location they are needed.

From the point of view of a player, it's no different to playing on a good dedicated server. But playing on a good dedicated server quite drastically improves the multiplayer experience, so I don't see what there is to grumble about.

xJumpManx1443d ago

Game is just plain awesome. Amazed at how tight the controls are when your jumping from wall to wall in the middle of combat.

ramiuk11443d ago

im a ps man,but i played the titanfall beta and i thought the controls was great(i used pad).
I want the game but xbone has way to many minus points to warrant purchase.

DeadRabbits1443d ago

I prefer my secreat weapon in my console and not in some guys head in M$ BS HQ

blahblah1231443d ago

Microsoft Cloud: Powered by VaporWare

ArchangelMike1443d ago


I lol'd hard. priceless.