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OnlySP: The horror genre in videogames has gone through massive changes in the past few years. The iconic horror series Resident Evil has diminished due to its increased focus on action, but the popularity of first-person survival horror has gone through the roof thanks to the likes of Slender and Amnesia, as well the explosion of playthroughs for such titles on YouTube. However, The Evil Within looks to bring horror back to its roots and become the spiritual sequel to Resident Evil 4 you’ve always wanted. Borrowing elements from that game and the horrifically twisted designs of Silent Hill‘s monsters, The Evil Within looks set to bring classic terror to next-gen and is one of OnlySP’s Most Anticipated of 2014.

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s1xt6en1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I'm also really excited for this.

abzdine1588d ago

mikami making a horror game? color me excited!

PygmelionHunter1588d ago

Bring it on! This and SOMA are reason enough to get a PS4, I know I did!

SolidGear31588d ago

Developed by the same people that did the Amnesia games. Look it up on here!

rayzorn1588d ago

its a game developed by frictional games. the developers of Amnesia dark decent.

another horror game that is starting to look good. set in a sci fi setting.

think its going to be more about story and puzzles. dont think there is going to be any shooting but not 100 percent sure on that.

it will probably play more like amnesia and outlast then evil within.

weirdo1588d ago

new pants at the ready