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"You can’t argue that Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, as the name implies, looks significantly better than the source material. The original FFX game (2001), though a jump in fidelity from the Playstation One games—particularly Final Fantasy VIII, with its more realistic character designs—had all kinds of problems with clipping errors and weird effect transparency issues."

~ Blake Peterson, GameRevolution

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knifefight1658d ago

Can you get the Japanese audio with English subtitles?

Wedge191658d ago

This score seems to be on the lower end of the scores that this collection is getting, but still is in no way a bad score. Even this review considered, it appears that this is a game worth getting for fans and anyone curious that missed these the first time.

jonboi241658d ago

I think the score is low because FF X-2 is a bad game.

kalkano1658d ago

Seriously. I'd give X a 9.5. I'd give X-2 a 3.

Magicite1658d ago

x-2 is better than 75% of JRPGS out there.

rawshack1658d ago

Ff x 2 was ahead of its time yes it different but still final fantasy.

kalkano1658d ago

Only "ahead of it's time" in predicting the downfall of Final Fantasy.

rawshack1656d ago

Thats debatable .its was a real jrpg with a female touch in the game