Xbox One owners: Kinect is still spying on everything you say...

Dealspwn "Last year, the internet erupted into a white-hot ragestorm when Microsoft revealed that Kinect would quietly listen to everything you say, like a futuristic surveillance device poised to relay your everyday life directly to security agencies. The hot-button topic launched a thousand angry threads, with users terrified of the potential breach of privacy. Then the console launched, and as always, we meekly forgot all about it."

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White-Knight1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Microsoft screwed up.
They should have just made the kinect as an accessory for video game entertainment.
Instead, they made it as a marketing tool without any real advancements.
Worst than that, the voice commands are being used by trolls to mess up others gameplay.

Unless you are playing a Kinect game, it's better to have it unplugged.

SonofGod1622d ago

Yea but you know that rumored PS4 VR headset? They say that you need the PS Eye camera for motion tracking of the headset. That would make sense since Oculus Rift uses camera aswell.

Soo.. I guess my point is that mandatory Kinect wasn't such a bad idea after all. Now every Xbox One owner is VR ready if there should be one. And I believe MS is working on one too.

mewhy321622d ago

I agree. The kinect should have been an option not a requirement. With the news that ms had participated in project prism and then saying the kinect would always be on and would always be listening and watching???? Who wants that? Kids that don't know any better and talk their parents into buying this thing, that's who.

Bernlock1622d ago

have you used it white knight? Did you actually buy an xbox one? Cause if you did you would know that it shouldn't be optional. Its the only thing that seperates the two. The OS is built for/around it. Its actually great and I would never go back to using a remote again

USMC431622d ago

@ sonofgod

The VR Headset hasn't even been officially announced yet, so slow your roll.

mediate-this1622d ago

Troll!!! Not once has some one used voice commands to tirn off my xb1, why do spread fud?? Im taking a bub.

Giul_Xainx1622d ago

I wonder if you say "Xbox, connect to the third eye" if it would bring you to the secret society's chat room where you can see them spying on other people.

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Mr_cheese1623d ago

I think the title is a little misleading here. He is talking specifically about the Kinect microphone automatically being on in multiplayer which then broadcasts everything being said to who ever is in the server.

I agree that the microphone shouldn't automatically be on and you should choose to enable that feature rather than having to disable it. Do all games come with an in game indicator that shows you the mic is on?

FragMnTagM1622d ago

If you turn it off it stays off. It doesn't enable itself in each new game you play.

LexHazard791622d ago

This wouldnt happen if gamers would go to settings and set privacy or mic/chat settings!

user14394141622d ago

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law....

However the law does not apply to the NSA they are above the law........

Axios21623d ago


Straight from Sony's privacy policy:

"SCEA may also share personally identifying information with law enforcement or similar organizations, in connection with a criminal investigation, investigation or prevention of fraud or criminal activities, infringement of intellectual property rights or other activity that is suspected to be illegal or may expose our users or SCEA to legal liability."

Dir_en_grey1622d ago

So you can't tell the difference between the information you knowingly provide and knowingly will be shared ahead of time if you were suspected of criminal activity, and being unknowingly recorded and information shared even if you weren't suspected of any criminal activity.

This is why MS will always thrive, because there are always these kinds of stupid people that will blindly back their faith even disregarding logic.

GarrusVakarian1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Still burying your head in the sand i see? The usual 'ignore the topic and try and reflect it back to Sony' trick that you do in so many of your comments.

As the guy above me says, you can't even tell the difference between spying and information that is shared with the authorities after you are suspected of criminal activity. You just read the title and googled Sony's privacy policy in a blind fit of rage...and ended up making yourself look silly.

"SCEA may also share personally identifying information with law enforcement or similar organizations, in connection with a criminal investigation"

Lmao. Yeah...that's the same thing as a device being plugged into your console that constantly spies on you! /s

My Kinect won't even be taken out of the box. It amazes me how many people just willingly leave it plugged in.

Infamous2981622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

*sigh* another Sony Too™ comment.

Charybdis1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Well yes the same goes for the ps eye PS4 camera which is also always on unless you turn it of.

Both companies should fix the issue, neither company is stupid enough to use their cameras for wire-taping which as you can guess is a rather illegal practice.

It would be rather stupid to let Microsoft fix the issue and turn a blind eye to the same issue/problem on another platform.

UltraNova1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


"Both companies should fix the issue, neither company is stupid enough to use their cameras for wire-taping which as you can guess is a rather illegal practice."

I dont mean to offend you seriously but where have you been living the last 10 years? Under a rock in an underground cave?

Everything and everyone is been spied one way or another. The US gov especially is leading the race!

Wake up people!

cozomel1622d ago


The PS4 eyes mic can be muted since the last update so keep up with the times man.

And @Axios

Ah man, i dont even know what to say, other than you just made yourself look stupid and like you dont know anything and not to mention very defensive.

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sonarus1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

4 million consoles sold 5 million voice commands OMG

Quite frankly i don't really care if kinnect spies on me. Just a waste of resources in my opinion

cozomel1622d ago

4 million sold? where the hell you getting your numbers from? your @$$? try 3.6 or less at best. Otherwise provide a creditable link. and plenty of people do care if the thing is spying on them so speak for yourself

sonarus1621d ago

lol why do you care so much about sales numbers either way? 4million 3.6 million i really don't see the big deal between the 400k but oh well. Nobody likes to be spied on but speaking for myself i know i don't do anything of interest in front of kinnect so i just see it as a waste of resources.

Mystogan1622d ago

This article sounds like it wants to take away from the fun we're having with titanfall now..

haters gonna hate.

Bernlock1622d ago

Where have you been. Thats Maria's goal in life. She posts 50 articles a day nothing but bashing xbox. Probably more on days where there is good news about it

cozomel1622d ago

And deniers gonna deny, defenders gonna defend.

Team_Litt1622d ago

Hey Kinect!!...Play TitanFall 8)

MonstaTruk1622d ago

Or The Bilderburg Group, whichever name you choose is correct...

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TrueJerseyDevil1623d ago

Yea the Kinect might be listening to everything you say but Microsoft can't listen to everyone at one time. They probably will not listen in on people unless they get complaints against them. Also why is this news? The Government does this all the time

Robochobo1623d ago

This has nothing to do with Microsoft listening into people's conversations.

If everyone would read the article, they'd see it's about the Kinect automatically transmitting voice in multiplayer lobbies unless you specifically turn off the options.

TrueJerseyDevil1623d ago

Who cares? You should look at the settings then. I am always in party chat, when I play. Also when I am not and have my Mic disconnected the kinect doesn't work in game chat and I have not changed the settings

DJStotty1622d ago

maybe they should edit the "spying" out of the title then and rephrase to "other people can hear you unless you turn the option of using the kinect for party chat off in settings due to the new update of automatically turning on party chat" which is what xbox one owners asked for. #facepalm

NeloAnjelo1622d ago

May be MS should just listen to customer's opinions and wants, rather than Kinect. The issue isn't MS listening, it's who else, who has access to this information and how it can be used illegally.

Many voice filters can be appiled to pick up specific words and phrases. This software is easy to come by and easy to use.

People blindy use Kinect.

bleedsoe9mm1622d ago

exactly and that system would probably make them billions maybe more valuable than windows

cozomel1622d ago

"The Government does this all the time"

So its ok to do, but i bet you dont like it when the gov does it, but yet you try and dismiss MS does, ridiculous, this generation of people are just ridiculous

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jackanderson19851623d ago

Before any more jump into a whole "OH MY GOD THEY'RE SPYING STILL" he's talking about the fact the kinect is auto on for in game voice chat and that he can hear people talking about stuff.... nothing to do with actually spying more comments on the stupidity of certain gamers

Robochobo1623d ago

Who would've thought something that is meant to listen into people talking about stuff hears what you say when you don't turn it off, or stop it from listening!

Fireseed1623d ago

Funy cause theirs this thing called an "Option" in these things called "Setting" where you can do this other thing called "Turning off game chat"

Weird Sci-Fi stuff I know, but I think it's manageable.

Shadonic1622d ago

but but but.... Kinect!!

oOIRNMUNKEYOo1622d ago

I know right! Mind you been playing PvZ and so many people don't know this. I've had kids fighting a guy on phone arguing with someone and someone else singing to them self.

It should only work for voice commands and Skype or yoiu should have to turn it on in game. Or even a pop up on screen saying you are talking via kinect

BX811622d ago

Oh god, I can't stand kids with mics.