Bible Game Call of Abraham Closes Crowdfunding With Less Than A Grand

Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham had a tough road to face when it launched its initial Kickstarter campaign. Requesting $100,000 for development was one of many mistakes that riddled its attempt, particularly because the game looks like an unrefined Dreamcast title.

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ValKilmer1444d ago

Wow, what a friggin joke. Glad these scheisters aren't getting a free pay day on the backs of exploiting religion.

joab7771443d ago

Its sad b/c there are many great games that could be made if the quality is there. A.C. showed us what it could be like to walk ancient Israel. And the crusades could make for a great setting.

Edsword1443d ago

Honestly, if you are going to make religious games it's best to stick with allegory. I am a Christian and I think games based on Biblical events are a terrible idea. There is just not a lot of leeway for possible outcomes without offending a great number of people. Games should not dance around religion, nor should the only games that ever mention it always bash religious ideas, but games based on Biblical events are just not a good idea IMO.