'Titanfall' Will Be The First Real Digital Test For Xbox One

The biggest game of this new console generation launches tomorrow, as Titanfall crashes down to earth for a rare spring blockbuster release. The game is available across PC and Microsoft's MSFT -0.2% Xbox One, but is notable for where it is not, namely Sony's PS4.

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kingdip901659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

The popularity this game is promising to achieve will test microsofts cloud talk for sure. If the servers crash even briefly it will be a ton of bad PR the amount of servers microsoft have been bragging about having available to gamers.

FITgamer1659d ago

It's more than likely they will crash considering the concentration of players that will be on in the first week or so. What will be more telling is how fast they can get the servers back up if/when they crash.

ThePope1659d ago

Things crash that's not the issue. The real test will have nothing to do with crashes and how long it takes to come back up. It will be in things like latency, concurrent player, load times.

Sevir1659d ago

Didnt Ghost on XBO use the servers as well and they had issues initially... lets hope Titan fal sells well enough to have that issue! the game seems to have a pretty positive critical reception. :) glad to see that its performing well with the reviewers

JBSleek1659d ago

Azure it's time to prove why your the second best cloud platform.

andrewsqual1658d ago

I think the launch with Forza 5 digital game bundled in was a big test. And boy did they screw that up something bad. i had a friend who had to attempt the download 5 times before getting to play the game 2 weeks later, it corrupting around the 30gb mark twice.
And they wanted to enforce the digital distribution on the console?

@FITgamer There is no huge max player count that could possibly put any strain on the infrastructure, like just about all Xbox Live games last gen.