Review: Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition (DarkZero)

Dom from DarkZero writes - "There’s no denying that we love Resident Evil 4 at DarkZero. So much so that we’re covering the nine year old game for a third time with this PC version, titled Ultimate HD Edition. Resident Evil 4 was such an important game when it released in early 2005 for the GameCube. Not only did it reinvent the Resident Evil franchise, giving the series a change of pace after people were complaining the same formula was becoming sterile, but it also single-handedly started a new action genre based around the over-the-shoulder camera viewpoint - having its DNA cloned in most third-person shooters that saw a release during the PS3/Xbox360/Wii era - making Resident Evil 4 one of the most influential games in the past ten years."

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