Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Gameplay Trailer


Learn the lore and abilities behind the devout Crusader, a new class coming in the Diablo 3 expansion.

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reef10171565d ago

i hope they announce something on the PS4 version soon.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1565d ago

same been hopping that for a lifetime it feels now

SolidGear31565d ago

It's going to be included with the PS4 version

ArchangelMike1565d ago

Here's hoping it releases in April (March will be taken up with MGS:GZ and Infamous:SS), I've been waiting for ages now.

LoveSpuds1565d ago

Yeah, I enjoyed Diablo III on my PS3 more than I ever did on my PC, despite the worse visuals.

The idea of a console with comparable visuals to the PC version fills me with excitement. I cannot wait to get on PS4 Diablo III with some of my workmates.

Brazz1565d ago

sorry but diablo is a Pc game, there is no way Ps360/PS4/X1 can do Diablo better than a pc... this kind of game need be played whit a mouse and a keyboard!

Ps: please, don't call me pc elitist, i'm a console guy most of the time but... hell diablo in pc is handsdown better, there is no way you can play diablo on a controller beter than in a mouse/keyboard.

nikrel1565d ago

I found diablo 3 more enjoyable, easier to control & down right amazing on the playstation 3.

I have often said I wish they would bring the controller scheme to the PC, I would use it over my KB/M.

Brazz1565d ago

I assume that everyone has a preference ... but I still maintain my point ... Diablo control is better on Pc.

Tdmd1565d ago

I for one, like it better on ps3. It is better to control there, plus, roll ability. Once the ps4 version get's here, it probably will be the best possible way to experience D3.

reef10171565d ago

Agreed. Nothing is better then getting together with the fellas and beating the stuffing out of monsters.

SolidGear31565d ago

Diablo was on PSone and it was enhanced over the PC version

Xristo1565d ago

I'm loving D3 since the last patch. I want to buy this xpac but afraid that ESO will be taking up most of my time... hell, I'll probably still buy it!