Gamigon Live: The Last Of Us Single Player: Why I Think It Is Awesome

Gamigon Live says:

"Last night I held the most Amazing livestream here at Gamigon Live. It was a 16 hour marathon of epic proportions. I had no Idea what to expect out of the game, since I had not played it before, and even though I had some knowledge about what kind of game it was, I was not prepared for Naughty Dogs masterpiece of a game. So here I share with you my opinions of this amazing game.
If you missed the stream, the link can be found after the article.

The Last Of Us, starts of with a huge bang. I was shocked to find out that I got to play the first bit of the game as Joel's daughter. The moment before everything goes to hell, was a moment that I did not think I would see from her eyes. This makes for a fantastic opening, that gives you a perfect picture of not only his daughter, but of Joel himself. When I got to start playing with Joel I had the feeling in my body that I already knew the guy, because of what I experienced as his daughter."

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Because we really need more articles talking about how awesome the Last of Us is