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Austin from Twinfinite:

A perfect fit for those looking to save some money, the Microsoft Xbox One Stereo Headset is a fantastic piece of audio hardware for an even better value.

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OwnageDC6501535d ago

Interesting. So if I purchase the stereo adapter, can I connect my pair of open headphones and receive simulated surround sound as well?

GearSkiN1535d ago

Well it has to be connected to the console like Astros and turtle beach

VforVideogames1535d ago

that's not true. it connects to the controller and the headphones comes with an adapter and with said adapter you can plug any headphones.

Wikkid6661535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

The MS headset is only stereo. The simulated surround sound is embedded in the headsets. The 2 Turtle Beach XO headsets offer simulated.

OwnageDC6501535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I believe the Xbox One outputs the stimulated surround sound to the controller and then from the controller/adapter to the headphones.

Wikkid6661535d ago

XO control only passes stereo.

OwnageDC6501535d ago

*Simulated surround sound.