The Watch Dogs Graphical Downgrade Is Understandable, But Is It Justified?

EGMR writes: "I’m sure if you’ve been around the internet during the last few days you would have caught wind of the latest controversy. That is, the likelihood that Watch Dogs received quite a major graphical downgrade since its 2012 E3 showing, which blew many minds around the world. Earlier this morning, we posted a comparison video which showed the rather alarming differences between then and now. Now in this write-up I hope to explore both sides of it, rather than just launch into an attack on Ubisoft and the game."

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ritsuka6661619d ago

Accurate representation of the final product or not, That game looks worse and worse with every new reveal of it.

candy_mafia1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

There oughta be some kinda law!

...this is pretty disappointing for me, since I've been totally anticipating this game.

It could redeem itself with a great story, playability though. I'm waiting on trusted reviews to come in, before I relegate Watchdogs to the '[email protected] trash can' status ;/


[email protected]1619d ago

I just confirm my cancellation with Amazon. For me this really disappointing since I was very anticipating WD but with so much downgrade and drama... I will not support a dev or company that make such a huge downgrade.

curtis921619d ago

[email protected] and that's why mobile games continue to draw publishers away from core gaming. Thanks for your contribution.

dcj05241619d ago

[email protected] so you never really liked Watch_Dogs. You just liked the graphics?

[email protected]1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

That's sorely my opinion. I made judgement over things I experienced, my own personal taste or fact.

I respect others opinions but if you think about it WD wasn't the "thing I experienced" on the E32012 trailer, the things I like from previous trailer aren't there and it IS a fact than Ubisoft blow out of proportions their game on the first place. That my friends it is trying to take gamer as a fool and ignorant. Me, im more smart than that. I won't fall or support on this charade. This is only my own personal point of view. I respect your, you respect mine... clean and simple.

AO1JMM1618d ago

Law? How about simply do not buy it when you see this stuff happen?

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curtis921619d ago

Coincidentally expectations get higher and higher... it's a no win situation for WD with N4G.

wonderfulmonkeyman1619d ago

I'm actually of the opposite mind.
I mean, yeah, the graphics look worse, but when you think about it, are graphics really the deciding factor in our purchase of this game?
I mean, seriously; they keep showing us the new gameplay stuff that they're including, so why doesn't anyone ever talk about those things and get excited about them?
Why is everyone going "It sucks now" and cancelling their pre-orders because of the graphical downgrades?

If they made the gameplay worse, I could understand, but right now, it's the fan reaction to the graphical downgrade that feels unjustifiable.
At least to me, that is.

I'm still keeping an open mind about the game.
If they've somehow made the gameplay worse, then I'll revise my opinion, but until then...

dcj05241619d ago

That's what I'M saying. First it's "I DONT PLAY PIXELS I PLAY GAMES! " And now it's "OMG pre order cancelled, the graphics suck!" They must've never liked the game in the first place.

NYC_Gamer1619d ago

I hope developers learn not to get on stage/mislead the public with pretty visuals that won't appear in the final product

frostypants1619d ago

It will always be an issue. Auto manufacturers have done it for years: show a flashy prototype, release a watered down final product.

Still, Ubisoft insists that the PS4 version will look identical to what was shown at the last E3.

Hellsvacancy1619d ago

I shall just be more cautious of game trailers from now on, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Ubisoft

I'm not falling for The Divisions awesome looking physics

SolidGear31619d ago

The Division is a different story though. It's being built with PC and next gen in mind and coming sometime next year. I'm remaining optimistic on the quality of it.

Elem1871618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

The new consoles just can't handle next gen. The division will be downgraded on the sub-Nextgen twins as well. Bank on it.

Tablet CPU (AMD Jaguar 1.6ghz)
Radeon 7850 was a midrange GPU over two years ago. Today it's a $100 budget GPU. By the end of the year they will be integrating it into motherboards if they haven't started already.

I think people are pumping up these console well past what they are capable of. And then are disappointed when a game needs to be downgraded to run properly on it... PS4 owners keep saying its a midrange PC, it's no where close. It's a $400 budget gaming device, enjoy it for what it is, it's not a super computer.

Qdog1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Seriously? Both consoles have a jaguar CPU, based on it's predecessor the bobcat core. The Jaguar CPU was always designed for NOTEBOOKS and tablets so no it is not a tablet only CPU. The PS4 and XBOne CPUs smash the cortex a15 (which incidentally is a tablet CPU) in benchmarks. Then again, a surface pro 2 tablet has an Intel i5 in it so maybe your looking at this all wrong.

The GPU is close to an R9 270 with more dedicated compute units called ACE cores and two disabled CUs. If the PS4 GPU were compared to a desktop GPU it would be above a 7850 but slightly below a 7870 in performace. Neither the CPU or the GPU are off the shelf parts so I'm not sure why people keep comparing them that way. Show me a PC with 5500mhz GDDR5 system RAM and more CPU+GPU+RAM bandwidth than quad channel DDR3 and PCIe 4.0 combined...thought so.

The CPU is comparable to an i5, which runs at twice or even three times the clock frequency of the Jaguar cores. Compare the PS4 or XBOne CPU with an i5 or i7 running at 1.6ghz and you'll see why these CPUs are doing more with less. The PS4 GPU by itself is more powerful and efficient than my old laptop's 6990m which didn't have any problems gaming at 1080p with pretty demanding games and settings. That was an older less efficient architecture than the GCN cores of the PS4/XBOne so take it for what its worth.

Other PC enthusiasts other than myself like to forget what was accomplished last gen with 512MB of RAM, horrendous system bus bandwidth, in order execution CPUs, incomparably weaker GPUs, and less developed SDKs, because it is so inconvenient for our "PC master race" argument. Just keep telling yourself that these consoles aren't special.

DoomeDx1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I know what you mean. Watch the Far Cry 3 E3 presentation of 2011. Looked so much better then the retail version :/

candy_mafia1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Understandable on last gen maybe, but there is no excuse for this on current gen. I hope the story trailer had PS3/360 footage mixed in, 'cos the trailer is very inconsistent visually.

Imagine they had like a whole 2 years to do something amazing, and the result is a GTA V visually comparable game.

Tut, tut Ubisoft you make EA look good, and you're losing our money quicker than Obamacare!


italiangamer1619d ago

Just why they don't show the game for what REALLY is?! This is what happens when you screw up gamers, a shitstorm comes and destroy the game. Shame on you Ubisoft, this won't be forgotten for a LOOOONG time.

BattleTorn1619d ago

You must be forgetting that it hasn't been a long time since they last did this, with Far Cry 3.

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