My Problems with Dark Souls

Seeing as Dark Souls 2 is just around the corner, March 11th (tomorrow) in NA on PS3 and 360, I (Andrew Otton) thought it would be good to think about what I liked and disliked about the first. As you can no doubt see with the title, I have a few issues with Dark Souls that I hope may be remedied in the sequel.

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nucky641589d ago

agree....first the guy says the game is unfairly hard....THEN, he says the game becomes too easy.

WTF indeed.

Aotton1589d ago

I never claimed the game was "unfairly hard." I said that the artificial difficulty it creates in scenarios similar to jump scares is not really difficulty. The game would have been much better served if I could approach enemies and learn their AI, then utilize the excellent combat system they have in place to defeat them. Not to have something jump out of nowhere to kill me, just because they can.

ALARM-clock1589d ago

Dark Souls II is around the corner, and people are really excited about it, so now is a great time for me to tell you everything I don't like about Dark Souls.

...Really? 0_o

TechRaptor1589d ago

Andrew wanted to share his opinions before the game came out and try and spark some discussion.


Aotton1589d ago

It was more of a look at what I saw the flaws of the game were an a hope that those flaws would be improved or changed in the sequel.

I think at its core Dark Souls could be a wonderful game, but this mentality of making everything "difficult" doesn't help it.

SolidDuck1589d ago

I skimmed through it,sounds like he mostly doesn't like that there's no checkpoints and that's it's possible for him to play for a long chunk and gain nothing. Well to bad, that's part of what makes a souls game what it is. There are plenty of RPGs with checkpoints and diff play styles out there. Why would u want the souls games to change, there are millions of fans that love it just the way it is.

Aotton1589d ago

Those two points you brought up, the lack of checkpoints and how you can lose a lot of progress, are probably the two least important things in the article. At most those are just very annoying.

If you read later in the article, about the underutilized combat and unintuitiveness of the game,that is where I have the most criticism.

k3x1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I've got mixed feelings about the game. I really love its atmosphere, the artstyle, the level design and how much there is to explore and discover, but it's just so incredibly frustrating at times that it made me "quit" a couple of times for a few long weeks.

The problem with the game is that most of its difficulty stems from somewhat laggy, sluggish controls, bad camera, and tons upon tons of randomness. On top of that you've got the usual case of fighting 1 million hp bosses that can 3-hit kill you. Is it hard? Yes. Is it fun? In the long run, only if you exhibit masochistic tendencies.

It's no secret that a lot of bosses or semi-bosses are killed through exploits. Take the Drake Sword for example. How did most people get it? Did they concoct some ingenious strategies to outsmart the AI? In a way, yes. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to do that, since the AI in this game is borderline useless. They probably shot at the poor drake's tail with their newbie bows until it fell down and died.

Another thing is, the AI is allowed much more freedom than the player. Its attacks won't get blocked in tiny corridors. They'll actually go right through the wall, sometimes along with the attacker itself.

I still love the game despite all its flaws and am awaiting DS2 for the PC anxiously.

Aotton1589d ago

I agree with a lot of what you say and I know a lot of people really do love the game. But I think that it became needlessly frustrating for me, if that makes sense. I really did want to enjoy it.

ziggurcat1589d ago

awwwwwww... must be hard for someone used to blowing through a game in 2 - 6 hours to have to go back to recollect their souls when they've died, isn't it...

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