Check Out the Unboxing of the Titanfall Xbox One Bundle

The Titanfall Xbox One bundle is going to be released tomorrow in the US and on the 13th in Europe, but some are already in the hands of gamers, and the first unboxing video has already popped up on YouTube.

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DeadRabbits1590d ago

No hard copy!!!!!!! Facepalm!

Edvin19841590d ago

I thought all game bundles with systems are usually digital codes? I remember my 360 coming with Darksiders and Skyrim as download code.

JoGam1590d ago

Is it just me or is Unboxing Videos are awesome?

pompombrum1590d ago

^^^ I used to like them but now find them annoying. Whenever I try and search for reviews of hardware on youtube, I'm greeted by unboxing videos and idiots who actually think they can review a product they've just unboxed, very frustrating.

Things like this are sort of cool I guess but seeing as I'm getting this bundle myself I don't want to spoil what it's like unboxing it myself.

sincitysir11590d ago

@jogam haha it might just be u! I only wanna see the juicy stuff but like I feel like they take way too long on the boring stuff like PSU and whatnot.

brianunfried1590d ago

My PS3 bundle came with Batman and Last of Us on Disc. They were in lame cardboard sleeves, but at least they were on disc. Must just be Microsoft including download vouchers with their bundles.

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PONTIAC08G8GT1590d ago

It was known from Day 1 that the included TF game was a digital copy.

ZombieDust1590d ago

I avoid digital copies usually,but if it saves me $60, its fine by me. Facepalm seems... Overdramatic

Edvin19841590d ago

Still a killer gaming system and even better game lol....cant wait.

vikingland11590d ago

Atleast he got a free DL for Titanfall for the price of a standalone console. Nothing special about the box though. It's just a sleeve.

TheEnigma3131590d ago

I want this bundle I just can't swing the $500 yet. In due time.

Whitey2k1590d ago

You only set urself up for disappointment

PONTIAC08G8GT1590d ago

Don't listen to trolls with 1 bubble. There is a reason he has 1 bubble because they generally have nothing of use to say. The system is def worth it.

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